Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What's become of fashion?

It's Summertime and the living is easy.
Extra easy for many of us perhaps.
My type of Summer clothes - casual, comfy, linen and cotton.
All from Poetry.

Are you getting dressed?
You know, dressed as in going through your closet, picking out an outfit, 
accessorizing same with cute shoes or sandals, perhaps a summer straw bag, 
a hat, snazzy sunglasses . . . . . . and of course a coordinating mask!
If you are, I admire you. . . . . and I am trying to do better, getting out of
 gardening gear, cooking aprons, lounging in old leggings, and doing grocery
 runs in yoga pants.  I do enjoy a good hat often - see why below.

Have you bought any new clothes for Summer?
I haven't, and probably won't this year.  
I did dash over to J.C. Penney when I heard they were closing before the
 pandemic hit, to stock up on their $7 classic cotton tees in black, white
 and navy, because I've always found them to be the best, and can replace
 them annually without feeling guilty.
Why anyone would pay $70 for a plain 'designer' T-shirt I've never understood.

The only times I've been out, as in away from the house and garden, or along
 our street, for three months, is for the weekly grocery shop, a few Sunday
 afternoons in my daughter's garden, and a trip to nail salon and hairdresser
 when they re-opened because I looked and felt quite horrible! 
I am now a reddish brunette with a couple of inches of grey silver (sounds better)
 hair. No more hair coloring, I'm going cold turkey with the growing out while I don't
 have to travel.  Keeping hair professionally trimmed and in good condition is
 a must, and although it's not going to be easy I'm thinking it's now or never! 
I really don't fancy myself as a redhead once I reach my eighties!!!
 I'm also somewhat curly/wavy now, and have grown out my bangs - no more
 blow drying whilst "locked up", just a little scrunching with a gel product - it's
 easy, takes no time, and does help disguise the roots a little better than
 a stick straight bob. . . . . . and I'm ready to go right out of the shower - except
 of course there's really nowhere to go!

The most 'dressing up' I've done was for Father's Day out in the hot garden - my
 cool and comfy zebra print caftan, wide-brimmed hat, sandals, and elephant
 print mask. . . . . . and I actually remembered to wear earrings.

Being 'fashionable' really is the least of concerns these days, after all who even
 knows who you are behind the mask, sunglasses, hat brim, let alone if you are
 wearing makeup or have curled your lashes.
Have you tried red lipstick with a mask, not a good idea!

We are no longer perfectionists trying to impress. Now we just want to show we care, 
both for our own health, and for that of others who bump into us in the snack foods
 aisle because they didn't see the directional arrow, or still insist on standing too close
 in the check out line, sometimes without a mask which is really pushing the envelope.


You are trying new snacks aren't you?
Healthy ones of course such as quinoa and black bean tortillas - so good
with olive tapenade hummus. . . . . . and of course a chilled aperitif 
these lovely late afternoons on the porch.


  1. No new clothes for me. I have yet to be to my hair dresser - going there July 1st. My nail salon closed down, so I will have to find a new place to get pedicures some day, when this craziness is over.

    1. New copy of STATE magazine just arrived - Saluda is featured, very nice article and photos of where we went to eat etc!
      I'm missing getting out and about now. Bob just left for a DMV appt. to renew his license - I would have gone along for the ride but not worth it in a mask etc!!

  2. Nothing new for me. If you call a pink LL Bean tee shirt and a pair of denim capris dressed, I'm dressed. I'll never be the fashion statement that you are! (I'd need the long, lean line.) I hope that you'll share the silver fox look. Mine is pretty gray as it grows back in ever so slowly. Not even trying new into the store and grab what looks familiar and get the heck out of there as quickly as you can.

  3. No new clothes for me either. I try to look nice when out and about (not dressy dressy, but nice) . . .but we aren't much out and about these days. I like simple and comfortable: perhaps stretch knit jeans or trousers, a simple shell or T-shirt style top, and something tunic length to throw over that is open down the front and covers my posterior. Being shaped like a short waisted pear with wide hips and long legs, that's the best way to camouflage the "flaws" (as I see them anyway). And very comfortable to wear.

    As for hair, I know you will look wonderful in all silver! Will you keep it longish or go back to your chin length style? Looking forward to the future photos when it's grown out. My once golden red locks have faded with age and there's plenty of silver to be seen but still quite a bit of faded red too. It's so interesting how we who had straight hair in our younger days now have definite waves. I wonder why.

  4. I purchased two new summer blouses - one black and white animal print and one white with white embroidery - both in cool rayon. Easy to wear with jeans or chinos. I've had to look half decent for online classes, so I've worn makeup every day and earrings, too.

    Didn't it feel good to get your hair cut? I went when salons opened a few weeks ago and felt like a new woman! I grew my grey out a year or so ago and I'm glad that's over and done with. You will look great with silver hair, Mary.

  5. Although I do not need to dress in proper business outfits, I still work and am seen by my clients on our daily (sometimes more than once) video calls. Therefore, I make sure I am dressed nicely, plus earrings and maybe even a bracelet if I feel like it. No shoes, though, as I am usually in socks or barefoot at home, depending on the temperature.
    I do go out, of course; seeing my parents and O.K., going for walks every day after work and doing my groceries shopping. For those occasions, I am dressed the same as for work; not in business outfits as before, but in "smart casual" things.
    Late last year and early this year, I bought three dresses altogether, none of which has yet been worn!

  6. Dear Mary,
    You wear linens so well. I have seen you in them. I've tried but always look like a little messy tourist.

  7. I always love your fashion posts. Of course I would. I have been so tempted to try some of those baggy pants like you have pictured in the middle right. I have been wearing a hat to go walking, but it isn't as wonderful as your hat. I do put earrings on every day, but most often not a touch of makeup. If I go to the market I do my eyes, but why do we even need lipstick these days with masks? Ha! Lipstick for me is only if I am on a zoom meeting. I did order one top just because I kept looking at it online for so long that I knew I just needed it. I am also thinking of a pair of summer shoes, but not sure I need to do that or not. I think once you grow your white hair out you will like it, but it will take some getting use to. I don't mind mine at all as long as I can get a good haircut. Happy summer dear friend!!!


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