Saturday, June 6, 2020

River runs through, almost!

It's a gorgeous morning here but will be very hot again later.
I look out over the freshly mown lawn - Bob cut it early evening yesterday. 
The sun was going down. . . .and the stunning 'Strawberry Moon' was
rising beyond the treeline.  It has been an awesome sight the past three nights.

Right now I'm awaiting an estimate visit from a landscape professional.
He will be the first of a few with whom I'm sharing my back yard
 'secret garden', which now, in all honesty, is an overgrown jungle in some areas. 
With an ever growing worrisome drainage problem needing attention,
 help is necessary. It's becoming unmanageable for us alone!

Functional garden pebble art by local stone mason/musician Graham Fry - amazing!

Of course I have my personal vision for the back garden. . . . . .
 . . . . . . but unfortunately not the budget!

Perfection would include a tree removal company, a bulldozer, ten tons of top
quality topsoil, and the best landscape designer with a vision matching my own, 
but with the ability to draw the plan on paper.  
 All that would be followed by a reliable, competent, speedy, affordable,
 landscape installation company. There would be elegant hardscaping such
 as stone walls, pebbled walkways such as above, a pond, a small waterfall, 
an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven. All would be softened by new, smaller 
trees - some flowering, some just beautiful in their form - thousands of spring 
bulbs, boxwoods, lavender, more climbing roses on the back fence, 
more native rhododendrons.. . . . . and so forth.
Mary, do keep quiet and stop dreaming!!!

We face another weekend which we pray will be much 
better than the last one. Still under a night time curfew, at least
through Sunday, protestors continue each day but thankfully 
no further damage or looting.
Meanwhile, sadly, COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths continue
 to climb here in North Carolina. We are not going far from home
anytime soon.
Stay well, be strong, and take care wherever you are.


  1. Oh, yes we have all had visions of a perfect garden! To garden is to have hope, very true words.

  2. Well I certainly hope that your lovely garden will benefit from some extra attention on your budget. I was surprised to learn that for $500 I can have my garden soil amended, plants divided and replanted, and a few plants added to make for an better situation for me. I can no longer do all that digging and dividing. 🥵 So good to know that things are calming down there. May it stop altogether. Have a blessed weekend. I must look for this Strawberry Moon...haven't seen it yet.

    1. That's more like it Vee. Quite honestly we were rather astounded when we received the numbers for the basic work we need help with removing ivy and vinca and shrub trimming - $2,800!!!
      Awaiting a second bid today - will be interesting!

  3. Your ideas sound amazing! I'm sure you will achieve a beautiful garden without the high end costs.

    1. Just some basics really Barbara - those costly garden renovations are just a dream at this point in life! Nice to dream though, while we do have the time! I just get ahead of myself when turning the pages of the UK Country Living which shows such beautiful British gardens.

  4. Dear Mary,
    Your visionary garden sounds just about right. Maybe one step at a time.

    1. If only Gina - funny how when we have the time we don't have the money!!!!!

  5. Your dream garden sounds amazing! We have had two rainy nights so not able to see the strawberry moon.

  6. I love the dream garden, especially the pizza oven! I'd love to have one of those! :) Mary, I have to say that I'm more and more grateful each day for living in such a rural area. I feel safe out here. Take care of yourself!!

  7. Your dream garden sounds wonderful! Great gardens become even greater when there is a pond or other water feature, don't they.

  8. But it is fun to dream and maybe do a few of those dreams along the way. Take care. I hope maybe by next year we can say the COVID is past and we have been vaccinated so we can travel. How I would love coming to see your lovely garden.


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