Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Trying again - New Blogger

Ripening soon!

My daughter Kim is growing this hanging basket of cherry tomatoes -
what a great idea for anyone who doesn't have a garden area for 
veggies.  Who doesn't love to pick a few ripe red tomatoes right
 outside the kitchen door for a salad! 

Meanwhile, my next door neighbor, known as Bob 2, has his annual tomato/pepper/basil
 patch in his front garden. 
As you can see, they are growing really tall as they receive a lot a sunshine!
Did I say sunshine - well we were getting plenty but none this week - just rain and

Well this is my first time to hit PUBLISH in the New Blogger format. . . . . . 
. . . . . . here goes!


  1. You did it! 😁

    That hanging pot of tomatoes is a mighty fine idea.

  2. Oh Vee, I was so happy to see, read and be able to publish your comment - it took a while to figure out how though.
    Oodles of negativity on the New Blogger forums - people seem positively stunned with such ridiculous changes and want Blogger to get their act together!
    I'm trying my best but so far am not impressed at all - especially with Labels and not being able to move my photos about as easily Let's hope things get better.
    Thanks for stopping by - it was a lame post but I was frustrated to say the least so made it short!!!!
    Mary x

  3. Looks like your first publication is a success! I don't like the new labeling method either. I suppose I'll get used to it though.

  4. Annem ve babam da kendileri domates yetiştiriyor. Tadı çok güzel oluyor.:)

  5. I wonder how I am going to fare with the new blogger when I make the change, now that I have read about your experience with it.
    Your neighbourhood looks beautiful, by the way. So lush and green. Is it as quiet as it looks?

  6. They seem to be slowly righting all the faults on the new blogger - shame they didn't do it before making it available. I shan't be growing my usual pot of tomatoes this year as I was unable to obtain seeds or plants as everything was closed down. The little boy next door will be devastated as he used to eat most of them!

  7. Dear Mary - I really don't think that blogger have got their act together properly currently. They appear to change the way things are done from one day to the next, and that is possibly why it might hang around for longer than we think. But I do think that it is probably best to try and get the hang of it now and as quickly as possible.
    However, as far as I am concerned new blogger is a doddle compared to what PicMonkey have done, and I have now decided that when my renewal comes up at the beginning of October, I shall have to bid them farewell, which I am really sad about.

  8. Looks like new Blogger worked for you! We have rain and more rain here as well.

  9. Dear Mary, To move photo highlight picture and use the cut (or copy) and paste method from drop down menu.
    I would like to see spell check. I activated spell check in Settings but it is not working. Maybe if enough users complain Google will correct the problem.


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