Friday, June 26, 2020

Run rabbit, run. . . . . .

We love them when they're tiny and cute, 
then find them extremely annoying when they
 grow bigger and destroy the garden!

Today's early morning visitor!
This little fellow is probably in between, can nibble without mother around any longer,
but only small amounts of grass and plants as he's still a youngster.

Good morning.
I stepped out early today, the grass still wet, the sun yet scorching.
However, a full sun day ahead with high of 91F - baby bunnies 
might need to eat early then find a cool spot under the shrubs until evening.
Bob and I each grabbed a hose and had everything watered by 8:30 am,
 but even so, by early afternoon blooms will hang their heads, appear wilted 
 for several hours, then by "it's time to relax, let's sit on the front porch" 
hour arrives, it will start to cool off, the flowers will take on new life, look 
stunning, smell fragrant as l'heure bleue arrives.

Another day in the neighborhood.
Have a great weekend - stay well and be safe.


  1. Rabbits are cute, but not when they eat your garden veggies! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh he's kinda cute I suppose. 😌

  3. Bunnies are cute, but I'm beginning to feel very Mrs. McGregor-ish about the ones who have decided that my garden is a feeding ground. For now I have netting over many plants, but we are contemplating a more permanent solution with wire fencing.

  4. Cute bunny! There are plenty of rabbits around this area but not around my house.

  5. We have a family of bunnies that come in our yard and I love to watch them. Last week one was laying under our cucumber plant in the garden.

  6. Dear Mary,
    Always the very best photographs.

  7. Hi Mary :)) Oh that bunny is cute, but yeah...keep away from my garden you little critter lol! Very nice photos! :)

  8. I love bunnies no matter how big or small they are. We don't have many wild ones here though and none around where we live.

  9. Oh my, it does sound hot. That little bunny is adorable - he can come and nibble my lettuce any time he wants.

  10. Hi Mary! I rather have a bunny than the snake who is here arund now! Thaks for your sweet comment and you can use the pictures of the hens, no problems :)
    Have a lovely summer and take care!

  11. Oh those bunnies! They come visiting our garden these days and I find little nibbles out of our radishes. So far they haven't destroyed much and Jim loves seeing them. They are rather cute.

  12. We are lucky not to get bunnies in our garden so I can say how much I love them !!! We do get squirrels though who dig little holes in our lawn when they bury then dig up their nuts ! .... even so, they are cute as well. We had 32C last week so I know what it feels like but, typical England, it's down in the 20's now !! Always love your photographs Mary. XXXX

  13. It has been very hot here lately as well. I am enjoying the early morning sitting on my porch after yoga before the sun beats on that side of the house. I love you little bunnies!


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