Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tea time in Harrods . . . . . .

After the many enjoyments of the lovely city of Bath, 
including meeting up with dear friends 
Ruth and Mike from Wiltshire . . . we headed to London.

As discussions on tea, teatime, teapots, tea towels etc. 
are being addressed this week, today I just have to share the 
Mariage Frères (French: Mariage Brothers) tea department 
in the hallowed food halls of Harrods.
This French gourmet tea company, based in Paris, was founded 
in 1854 by Henri and Edouard Mariage.
Personally I've never tasted any of these teas but, after 
seeing how beautifully packaged they are, and the fact 
their labels seem to celebrate the countries of the 
world . . . I may consider taking out a bank loan so 
I can afford one or two to sample in case I'm missing
something spectacular!

Tea aficionados perhaps you can help me here - have you 
tasted them, are they worth their weight in gold?

If I could just get my hands on a single teabag I'd 
be happy, especially if it was sporting a pic of 
lovely elephants or camels . . . having ridden joyfully on 
the backs of both. 
I doubt they even put tea leaves this expensive in little 
bags though - I think it's all loose tea, sealed safely in 
glass apothecary jars or elegant tins - but that's OK, 
have teapots, tea strainers, even tea cozies, and my 
kettle is always plugged in ready for a boil.

What do you like to nibble with your cup of tea?
Nearby the tea offerings were Harrods Patisserie and 
Boulangerie departments. There, in ribbon-tied celluloid 
boxes, beautifully decorated fancy cakes beckoned. 

How could one ever bite down and destroy these lovelies?
Imagine giving a toddler a $5.00 cupcake to mutilate when 
the double-decker bus, or the Queen's guards, have been so 
carefully iced on top!
This would be my heaven - a fresh, light sweet croissant, 
a scone or fruited bun, or perhaps an almond shortbread.
Ah, tea time. All around the world people enjoy a hot cuppa 
at different times of the day. 
Mine is the traditional 4 o'clock in the afternoon. 
Other times I enjoy a nice cup of strong, plain black coffee.

How about you? When do you most enjoy drinking tea?


  1. Everything looks so exquisite. I'm with you on the buns and scones.I'm not a real sweet-tooth. I love tea anytime but always stop for a cup sometime late afternoon depending on my schedule that day. If I don't I really miss it. Gorgeous post today, Mary. Hugs, Deb

  2. When I drink tea it is definitely in the afternoon or early evening. The food section of Harrod's was so impressive. I think I just walked around with my mouth open the whole time...

  3. Lovely post. I enjoy wandering around Harrods - used to take the kids up at Christmas - but confess I don't remember those wonderful-looking teas. (Note to self: must pay more attention in shops). Smashing photos, Mary!

  4. You made me smile on this one. I love the Mariage Freres teas. Marco Polo should be the one you taste if no other. I have had that one and the Noel one that you show in your photos. Also had a very expensive one that was an Opium Oolong, grown near the poppy fields in Thailand. Those little cakes with dried flowers on top would go just perfect with any cup of tea. When I have been in Paris I do spend alot at their shop and also love having tea there. Indulge sometimes if you go back to Paris. If I had some tea from there I would send you enough for a cup or two, but it is long gone. Yummmmm!

    I drink a full small pot every morning and then maybe a cup in the afternoon, especially in the winter.

  5. Your last question was the first I wanted to ask you...when you like to have tea. I enjoy it mostly in winter in the evening. Decaf. Bigelow is a favorite. And I love herbal teas, fruit flavors. So many to choose from. What are your thoughts on loose tea vs. teabags? I've heard over and over the virtues of green tea and yet again read an article today that makes me think I should have a cup or two a day. I make a lot of different iced teas in the summer.

    I so enjoyed this virtual trip through Harrod's. In another life, I would come back as a skilled baker that made these creations in a much regaled place like Harrod's! What a happy and fulfilling occupation!

    Jane xx

    P.S. Still trying to get The Procrastinator to see a trip to your neck of the woods before the holidays!

  6. I'm sticking with the english traditional 5.00pm..........

  7. I would be mesmerized by all of the beautiful containers and food offerings, emptying my wallet with glee! I don't normally drink tea on a daily basis. But I will frequently have it throughout the day in the wintertime, rather than a cold beverage. I drink coffee every morning.


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