Saturday, September 27, 2014

Measure, roll, chop, stir, bake, eat . . . .

What's missing from this Autumn afternoon
tea break? Something homemade to nibble on perhaps.
This was my grandmother's china. It's delicate and
really not for outdoor use, but now and then I just
enjoy making a cuppa in that exquisite little teapot.
The memories of my maternal grandma come flooding back. 
I loved her dearly.
I spent a lot of time with her. 
She cared for me until I was four and started school 
because my mother had to work. . .but I only had her 
until I was eleven. When she died, her leaving 
left huge emptiness in my life.

I do enjoy baking something for teatime or dessert, 
especially if company is expected. Yes, I know, there are
nice pastries at bakeries, even some grocery stores, but
I always feel a sense of well-being when I've taken time
to bake something from scratch, don't you?

Blueberry muffins. . . 

. . . a blackberry galette. . .

. . . or a nice slice of cake.

Will you be baking over the weekend?
Now the days are cooler heating up the kitchen
is no longer a problem. 
My oven will be baking a blackberry and apple
crumble. . . .and those butternut squash!


  1. What a beautiful post, Mary. Those muffins have me thinking I should bake some this weekend. I have been away at our property all week and need to stay home for awhile. My maternal grandmother was very special to me, too. I spent my summer holidays with her on her little farm where we will soon have a home. I was given 2 acres at the road that is lined with a stone fence and maples. I look forward to living there. My gran passed away when I was in my early 20's. It was a very sad time. Deb

  2. Beautiful photos, Mary everything looks so delicious and I love all your baking paraphernalia! I'm in Edinburgh this week so won't be baking myself but do plan on sampling shortbread whenever possible. Tomorrow we may even take tea on the Royal Yacht!
    The new header is stunning, btw.

  3. Snap!!! I have visitors for lunch tomorrow and bramley apple with locally picked blackberries in a crumble is on the menu - afternoon tea will be a light sponge filled with double cream and our own homemade French apricot conserve.

  4. No baking here this weekend. So I'll be right over to do some taste testing of your creations!

  5. I am thinking about baking an apple cake this Sunday. We went to the orchard last week and got some apples. And if I do, I will make a cuppa in my pretty cup and saucer of your grandmother's that you gave me....

  6. First I just love your photos sooooo much!
    I also love your blueberry muffin recipe a lot.
    With a little ones birthday coming next week
    I am thinking of cupcakes and ice cream, but
    not sure yet what it will be. Love baking!

  7. Lovely photos. I was 22 when my Mammaw passed away and it was such a huge, huge loss. I imagine at 11 it is even harder to understand. I made some vegan snickerdoodles today. My almost 16 year old said the taste was good, but though they were a little dry. When you don't use eggs, the texture will be different, but it's something you get used to with time. :) Have a wonderful rest of the day. Tammy

  8. Mmmmm-mmmmm! Your oven is smelling wonderful by now, I bet! Wish I could be there. Actually, later today, I am going to make a summer squash bread - never made it before. I have lots of "leftover" ends in the freezer and I think I will make bread out of it - sort of like a banana bread, think. I hope all is well with you and by the way, you really seem to look better and better with the years - not fair! :-) But you do look extra good lately - must be happy living on your end.

    Thanks for your visits and thanks for sharing your adventures as well,
    Big hug

  9. Oh, P.S. Not sure when you got the new blog header - but I love that beat up old wheel barrel!!

  10. Your grandmother's china is so beautiful and gives you wonderful memories to cherish when you use it. I baked chocolate chip cookies on Thursday, a staple in our house, and froze them. Well, most of them. :) I love your edits on your photos. Hugs. Pam

  11. I made an apple cake last week. Full of finely chopped apples (over 4 cups of them) and pecans it is a delicious and healthy snack with a nice cup of white tea. Just the thing for a chilly evening.

  12. Love your grandmother's china! Beautiful! Great well-used cutting board, and the baked goods look so yummy!!!!


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