Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello Autumn . . . . .

The Autumnal Equinox brings the 
fall season to the Northern hemisphere 
at 10:29 PM today.
Are you ready to celebrate this
beautiful season of the year?

The weekend was busy. After the visit to the pumpkin farm on Friday, see my previous post, I also visited the Vintage Village and SuzAnna's Antiques on Saturday. The lovely Jenny was on TV last week as part of the 'Garage Gold' show on the DIY network, and she'll be in more episodes later. You may want to watch out for this show.

Sharing pics of a few treasures from SuzAnna's for those of 
you who love 'the hunt' for antiques, vintage and more.
I especially enjoyed photographing a few rusty finds - the 
color for Autumn, and definitely great with bright blue,
such as the azure Carolina skies of the perfect 
'Indian Summer' weather we're having. 

SuzAnna's Autumn 'flower' made from rusty saws 
is a hit this season.

Next weekend will be another busy one at The Vintage Village 
when Saturday's Fall Festival celebration will take place. 
Fingers crossed the great weather continues.

Saturday evening Bob and I also stopped by the early 
Oktoberfest celebration at nearby Lafayette Village 
shopping venue.
While there I discovered another really great shop for home 
and garden decor - I'll soon be sharing the lovely things
I found there with you soon.

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.
 - William Cullen Bryant


  1. What fun things to browse through. We did a little of that ourselves this past weekend.

  2. Isn't it fun to visit a vintage/antique show for the different seasons and see how trends develop?
    Recently I went to a fall antique show and there were so many deer horns and rustic things. I took
    photos, but guess I should share more of what I saw. I am getting ready slowly to face autumn/fall.
    I really do enjoy it, but then I know winter is coming soon and for that I am not happy. Lots of candles
    will be in my future.

  3. O, Mary...I see sooo many things I would buy in a heart beat...such a fun place.
    I adore your pretty header...:)

  4. Hi Mary,

    So many trinkets and treasures here that would be very tempting! Your mosaic is so pretty, and for a while now, I've loved the combination of orange and aqua, (although it would be out of place in my own home among the reds, golds, and olive greens). I so miss browsing those wonderful outdoor antique markets in southern Ontario; they just don't exist here in Greece!

    Happy first week of Fall!


    1. …but I know you have fabulous Greek vintage Poppy, with all those amazing ruins, haha!
      Thanks for stopping by - love it when you comment.
      Mary x

  5. Oh, how I wish they had beautiful shops like that around here! Your photos are spectacular!

  6. Yes, welcome to Autumn! Love the pumpkins and all the fall color. But what really brings out those orange and amber hues is that gorgeous blue! Wow, I am loving those blues of the items from the antique shop! What a great place to shop, or just look around!

    Thanks for your comment. I'll be posting trip photos for at least a few more weeks yet! :-) We have an incredible time! Hope all is well with you!


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