Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tea time in Vermont. . . . .

While thinking about tea when brewing a cup yesterday, 
recalled this recent stop in Vermont.
During our wander around town in the afternoon, we 
were directed to the charming Tulsi Tea Room - A Vegetarian 
Cafe & Tea Lounge on Elm Street, for our 4 o'clock cuppa. 
Tucked into an older house off the main street, we were 
welcomed warmly and served good tea. The menu also offered
great foods made with local products such as Rhapsody Organic 
Egg Roll, LaLu Farm Empanadas, Dosa Plate with Potato Curry, 
but our dinner reservation awaited elsewhere. 

I told them would definitely mention 
their business here in blogland. . .
so if in town be sure to look them up.

ALSO, while on the subject of tea, Joann at 
Scene Through My Eyes has a great post up on the 
history of English tea towels. 
Go see her embroidered beauties, they are amazing!

Montpelier, in the foothills of the Green Mountains, 
has the distinction of the being the smallest state 
capital in the USA, with a population of just 8,000 people.
A small town with big city amenities, it also has a lively 
arts and music scene. There are good restaurants, largely 
due to the presence of the New England Culinary Institute
It was there that we enjoyed a delicious dinner before 
heading to catch the late evening ferry across Lake Champlain 
to New York.


  1. Loved your tea post. I'll pop over to visit Joann.

  2. Another charming visit. Your photos tell such wonderful stories. The tea house sounds just fabulous. And thank you for linking to my blog - I appreciate it so much. Now I must go and find some examples of tea tray cloths.

  3. What a lovely looking tea room. The menu items sound wonderful, and filling. JoAnn's tea towels are wonderful examples of embroidery. We still call our dish towels tea towels around here.
    Glad you are home again. This is the time when gardening doesn't seem as appealing as it once did - I'll be hanging up my gloves for awhile soon, too.

  4. It sounds like a lovely tea room. I haven't been to New England since I was a child. I am heading over to JoAnn's.

  5. That was a breath of air to look in your blog all you posted.

  6. Your photos are all so beautiful, Mary. Makes me want to hop in the car and head to Vermont. The offerings at the tea house all sound so fresh and interesting. I love to visit places like that.
    I'll visit JoAnn next.

  7. It's one of the prettiest state capitals that I've visited! Now over to Joann's...........

  8. Another adventure for you that makes me so happy to share!! I've never taken tea...we've stayed at the Drake downtown (I think I've lamented to you before) but have yet to have taken advantage of their famous 4:00 tea! We will!!! Your pictures are beautiful. And the ferry to Lake Champlain...did I miss the post or is that next?

    We are going mad putting together plans to come to Asheville. The obligatory trip to Las Vegas looms, I may opt out for medical reasons and I will email you...nothing terrible...just something I may need to stay home for. At least Vegas. Email forthcoming. Please don't worry.

    Love to you, and of course, Bob.

    Jane x

  9. You know I would love this tearoom. They must have served Jim's favorite tea, Tulsi.
    How fun to see it and for you to have tea there. Just lovely.

  10. This looks absolutely wonderful. The sort of place Head Office would love. Errr...just checking the 'bus timetable now...

  11. Isn't Montpelier a charming little town? And the capital building is awesome. I love your photo of it with the flowers in the foreground!


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