Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lakeside Memories . . . . . . .

Massabesic - American Indian name meaning place of much water.

Massabesic Lake, New Hampshire

There was a spare picnic table in the shade that afternoon so we grabbed it. Sitting there without a picnic was OK. The memories were all we needed. Memories of our small children, sticky fingers, Goldenrod ice cream dripping down chins from the overfilled cones, counting sailboats, perhaps wishing for a sailboat someday. 
No swimming or paddling here, it's the city's drinking water source. It must be difficult not to sneak around to the far side of a distant island, dive in from your boat and just enjoy the calming water on a hot Summer day.
Bob grew up near this lake and recalled the days during his childhood when there was a shiny teak speed boat here - for a dollar or so, his father would take the boys on a 15 minute ride upon the hallowed waters. 
Even that far back at the Goldenrod Restaurant, est. 1951, one could buy the best ice cream cone in town, then pop over to the nearby lake to enjoy a lazy afternoon.

Last week we bought our cones, maple walnut for Bob, 
coffee for me, and sat here remembering how much my dear 
mother-in-law loved this lake on Summer afternoons.


  1. Beautifully tranquil waters, Mary, that hold in them sweet memories, both of fun family time, and your beloved mother-in-law. So glad you were able to take in the pretty views and relax with your treats, just as you used to do. Whenever I'm visiting Toronto, I feel a need to drive around my old neighbourhoods, one, in particular, and on the way home, we always pick up the best bagels - of course, poppy seed is my favourite!;))

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Sweet, sweet memories - and it sounds like the trip backwards didn't disappoint at all. New Hampshire is so very beautiful in late summer. Lovely to have that moment at the picnic table to hug those sweet memories again.

  3. Sweet memories, beautiful photos, something about the water is so tranquil and calming.

  4. A lovely lake - and lovely memories - and fabulous photos.

  5. I enjoyed listening to your memories, and those of a younger Bob. The lake looks like a very restful place to be, and so pretty!

    Jane xx

  6. It's so lovely to go back to places and reminisce of those loved ones that gave us such joy.

  7. It's certainly a beautiful spot, Mary. I think I'd enjoy a cone of chocolate something by the lake as well. ;)

  8. What a beautiful place. I am so glad you both have such wonderful memories of there.

  9. Such beautiful memories for you both dear Mary!
    The lake sounds idyllic a perfect spot to have a boat like ours. I don't mind not getting in the water noe - it always seems much too cold for me.
    I would need to be in Fiji to brave it!

    That was a good thing to do on your way home, especially for Bob with a life time of memories there.

    I've sent you an email - please let me know when you get it!

  10. Sweet memories!
    Your photos look like postcards, just gorgeous!!!

  11. I read your comment over at Vicki Archer's blog and clicked right over to meet you. I am so happy I do. I'm following.
    Marsha in Texas.

  12. It sounds like you made a new memory while reminiscing of old ones!


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