Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oxford Green . . . . .

This is the lovely shop I discovered on Saturday evening 
while having a glass of wine at the Oktoberfest. Of course 
hubby, and most other people on the green where live music 
was in full swing, were quaffing large glasses of beer - 
I'm just not a beer drinker - so he managed to 
find me an overpriced plastic cup of a not too 
bad chilled Sauvignon Blanc. 
What a great guy I have!

The shops were open late so when we rounded a corner and 
spied this inviting doorway, we decided to look around.
I love it when I enter a shop and someone calls out 
"Welcome" and really seems to mean it, as owner Shawna 
(left above)did. I love it even more when the merchandise 
is gorgeous, and when I ask if I may take photos for my 
blog, the answer is, "yes of course". 

So, take a look at the shop dressed for Autumn,
 and the pretty items that caught my eye.
Shawna, and her assistant Angelica, also design 
beautiful informal floral arrangements, the kind 
I love. I must go back and get some pics of their 
work with flowers another time.

I was thrilled to see my long time blog friend 
Vicki Archer's book on display - I know many of you follow 
Vicki's fabulous blog.

I love this shop, so full of color - that's something 
with me being such a 'neutral' decorator in my cottage.
On my wish list here would be the original painting 
(local artist) of the irises, one of those beautiful 
birdhouses, the floral inspired trumeau style mirror, 
and some of those gorgeous blue planters. 
I also love the menswear fabric pumpkins for fall decorating.

So, what would you like to take home from Oxford Green?

Edited: Here's a few of the beautiful flower arrangements I told you about.
I went back today. Rain is coming down in buckets, but as I'd
already made lunch plans at a restaurant almost next door, I was 
able to take a lovely friend with me and introduce her to 
the pleasures of Oxford Green.


  1. I live near the real Oxofrd so would have trouble bringing stuff home from where you are

    1. Hi Bill - I'm sure those lovely ladies would ship across the pond!!!!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Mary -

  2. As I scrolled through the photographs, my first thought was, "Wow, that painting is gorgeous!" -- Funny that it would be on both of our wish lists! I also love the red and blue ceramic planters, and the rusted sunflower wall piece is also very cute for an outdoor garden! Looks like a very quaint shop! xx

  3. I think I'd thoroughly enjoy wandering through a shop like that. My treasures might include some blue pottery.

  4. I would love shopping there! Those menswear pumpkins are wonderful!

  5. Your recent posts are helping me experience some of the joys of autumn which so far have not shown their faces over here in San Diego. That is a great shop and I'm so glad you happened upon it. Thanks for the eye candy.

  6. It looks like the kind of shop I love to browse thru.
    I am not a beer drinker, either, and love a sweet wine.

  7. It's a very beautiful shop. I enjoy places like that with lots of variety. The fabric pumpkins are sweet and I love the turquoise pottery.

  8. Oh I noticed that Iris painting right away. It is beautiful!
    Then the rusty sunflower would probably find it's way to the garden.
    What a lovely shop. Yes, you are right! Their flower arrangements
    are wonderful. xoxox m

  9. I think I would be arm wresting you for the fabulous birdhouses!

  10. Oh what fun to discover a new treasure like this. Oxford Green draws you in right from the front door. So colorful and eye-appealing.
    How nice that you could go back again and introduce a friend. The floral arrangement is gorgeous. I must admit I'd be quite tempted by the birdhouses too.

  11. Wow! SOOOO beautiful! I particularly love the floral arrangements, but all of the decorative items are just amazing! What a great shop!

  12. It seems really a nice place to go shopping......and I love autumn colors!


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