Monday, September 15, 2014

Goodbye Summer . . . . .

Do you ever do this? Sit down to write e-mails, 
post on your blog, research something, 
even go online shopping…………………………but end up playing 
with your photos.
My sunflower seeds were delicious according to the 
visiting squirrels.

With Summer soon to end here in the northern hemisphere, 
thoughts of Autumn are on my mind - especially with pumpkins 
and chrysanthemums popping up all around town, and the night
temperatures starting to drop.

Today I worked in the garden a while and did a small, 
very small, Autumn display at the front door.
Later in the week I hope to head into the country to my 
favorite farm for pumpkins - green and grey ones, perhaps 
a few white ones - but no bright orange. I called the 
farmer's lovely wife today to check that her 
pumpkins are ready. "Come on down" she said. "We're 
picking every day."  

Are you planning Autumn decor around your place?
What color pumpkins will you use?


  1. Hello Mary! You sound ready for Autumn, and your plans are going to be fun to carry out. I wish we could say good bye to summer here in SoCal! It is just a degree or two shy of 100 today; I think it will be quite a while till we see those lovely cool, crisp autumn weather. However, I did change my blog to reflect a more autumnal theme at least. Enjoy your week!

  2. Hello dear Mary
    I love visiting your beautiful blog in all seasons but Autumn at 'A Breath of Fresh Air' is so very special!
    I had never thought of decorating with pumpkins until I saw your displays of the white and grey ones !
    However I was looking for small ones but couldn't find any - no pumpkin farms near me - sadly!!! I think I will make some for next year.
    The squirrels look delightful and on their behalf (and the birds) I'm saying thank you for leaving the sunflowers to seed!
    I used to "play" with photos but now I'm back working I have to use my time carefully - boring I know but it's for a good cause – to visit my family and for the love of France!!!
    Shane x

  3. That's quite the bottle-brush tail he has. I do love the orange ones but the grey sounds nice, too. Must look for those.

  4. I love the edits on these photos, Mary. I have orange and white mini pumpkins here and there, inside and out but hope to buy a large white and a large orange one for the front deck. I bough a yellow mum for the back deck to enjoy from inside as it's been way too cold to sit out and enjoy the deck. I will buy one for the front porch this week. Risk of frost tonight. Brrrr. Have a wonderful week. Pam

  5. With the unseasonably warm weather we have been having I am not quite ready to
    think of fall. I am seeing the mums at the market and get tempted, but then we are
    getting quite a collection in the garden from previous years. They seem to flourish.
    I do love the white pumpkins, but who knows what I will get when we venture to the farm.
    Happy dreaming of FAll!

  6. Oh, such fun photos! That little squirrel is hilarious. Jim picked out an orange pumpkin at the store about a week ago, on a solo trip (I had to go to the dentist). I would have loved a white or a grey one instead! But I smiled sweetly and thanked him for it. So it is sitting on the front porch now, in its BRIGHT orange glory, LOL.

  7. Great photo edits, Mary. I know that fall is coming, but summer is lingering long here and I don't mind at all. These bright, warm days make my heart dance. What fun that little squirrel is having with your sunflower. He looks like a determined fellow. I have one pot of yellow mums on my front porch so far - white or blue pumpkins would be nice, if I could find some. Your autumn decor is always so elegant.

  8. Love the squirrel on the sunflowers. I am not a fan of autumn or autumn colors at all, ever. I love seeing what others do - but don't decorate much myself for the fall season. Just enough to get us through to Thanksgiving and then the christmas things can come out - although I'm noticing each year less and less christmas decorating too - just a few simple things is all I seem to need anymore.

    If I do decorate for autumn it is with whites and greens - never the bright oranges either.

  9. Hello Mary,

    Sadly, we are in the point, shoot, snap brigade when it comes to photographs. What amazing effects you have created here, a wonderful moment captured of the squirrel foraging.

    Yes, Autumn is definitely creeping in here too.....but no pumpkins for us, apart from in soup!

  10. Great images, Mary! You must be very chuffed.

  11. I've been the worst blogger and blog reader lately! Am I allowed to blame it on wedding planning and working and literally seeming to have something planned every single weekend?! I seem to be Athleta at Southpoint 2-3 days per week, during the week. Typically between 12-5ish. We're going to the Apex Jazz Festival this weekend, so perhaps I need to bring my REAL camera and snap some photos for a blog post. Anything to get me back on track! I can't wait to start getting our home into fall "mode" -- I've got Halloween decorations galore, too! Excited to put those up!

    xo Cassie

  12. I don't do much in the way of seasonal decorating here in the apartment, Mary. Just a few simple tabletop things. I definitely will decorate with the seasons when we get settled into a home of our own. Enjoy the rest of the week! xxx ~ Nancy

  13. I am so looking forward to autumn Mary. It appeals to my Pagan spirit and, yes, I will be bringing in autumn foliage, pumpkins, pine cones and then looking forward to winter, Christmas tree. EXCITED!!


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