Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cottage decor for Autumn . . . . .

Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower
~ Albert Camus

Autumn touches inside the cottage are quite minimal. 
Although we've no overseas travel planned to take us away 
this Fall, I just want to keep things simple.

I've saved and dried the two largest sunflower heads from 
the garden, complete with their seeds intact. They are really 
so beautiful. I had to cut them from their five foot stalks 
before the squirrels or birds made meal of them.
Perhaps I'll sow these seeds next Spring and the cycle 
will be repeated - I like that thought.

These dainty 'stripeys' will become dessert later! 
I'll tell you how in an upcoming post on cooking squash 
and pumpkin.

I'm using two of the grey-green pumpkins here in the 
antique French dough bowl on the dining room table - they
blend well with those great spools of linen thread.

That's it for now - but I may do something floral when I find
the right blooms, something loose, wild, with berries and 
leaves, perhaps a walk in the country, through the fields, 
along the hedgerows is required. 

Have you done any interior decorating for Autumn yet?


  1. I have done some, trying to keep the house neat and tidy for showings. Hope you can make it here this fall. We will have company Oct 9-13...

  2. These colors blend so well together – they really feel like autumn. You have a great eye for your decoration mélange.

  3. It all looks lovely, Mary. I like the green/grey pumpkins and the little stripey's. They are perfect for your decor. Yes, I'm all decorated inside and out. Such as it is. I do like the fall colours and orange for the next few weeks then I go neutral after our Thanksgiving in October until I get Christmas decorations out. :)

  4. Your decorating is always so elegant and striking. We haven't done any decorating - but we have a good excuse. We are preparing for our big party for our 50th Anniversary on Thursday - and then we leave for Orcas Island to a cabin on the beach for three days - perhaps I've already told you that - I'm in such a hurry I forget - things will slow down next week.

  5. Autumn is my fav season, love the colors, the smells, the atmosphere, everything....

  6. I have not done any autumn decorating yet, but your post is inspiring me. And the weather is definitely cooler and a little wetter, so the mood is being set. It's been busy around here lately and I'm catching up on any number of things - laundry, cleaning, blogging (gotta keep priorities straight)!
    Your pale pumpkins are so lovely. I'm going to the market tomorrow to look for some. Canadian Thanksgiving is coming soon.

  7. I really like your simplicity approach. I've done the bare minimum of fall decorating. And I don't even want to think about Christmas decorating.

  8. Such beautiful photographs! You are right, the sunflower seed heads are gorgeous! Love the grey-green pumpkin as well!


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