Friday, September 19, 2014

London - Days out around the city. . .

Pearly Queens in Covent Garden Market

Hope you're dressed comfortably, we're going sightseeing!
I want to show you some of the city, perhaps from a 
different perspective. I've visited London often but
don't recall ever having such fine weather as this was.

 Today I'm sharing a few photos of my short stopover 
in London after the Baltic cruise in June.

Everyone loves this historic city, many of you
have already visited. Others who are planning to go - 
you will not be disappointed I assure you.

Follow these 'Pearly Kings & Queens'(go HERE and click on 
Pearly History for their fascinating story and history), 
as we  walk around London on two beautiful days in 
June, including one in the company of my brother, 
sister-in-law and niece, which was great.

Blending the old and the new . . .

. . . historic 'sweetshop' where the display of candy was unbelievable.

Twinings Tea - Est. 1706

I love London shops that have been doing business for 
so long . . . fortunately no umbrella required on this day!

London's West End 'Theatre District'

The famous Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on the south
bank of the River Thames.

Tower Bridge - River Thames

Southwark Cathedral and 'The Shard' skyscraper.

Selfridge's department store on Oxford Street - London's 
main "shop 'til you drop" area - well known if you've 
watched the excellent PBS-TV series, Mr. Selfridge.

Always magnificent, acclaimed British architect, Sir Christopher Wren's, St. Paul's Cathedral -

At the end of the afternoon we stopped here at Jamie Oliver's 
Italian in Covent Garden. Having always been a fan of Jamie's, 
all I will say is, I believe even he would have been 
disappointed with his own food here. Perhaps he just has too 
many restaurants now to check up on them all.

As for me, a nice veggie pie, a salad, or even just some 
good bread and cheese from Harrods Food Hall, would have been tastier by far.  

Hope you enjoyed my take on this wonderful city. 
All pics were taken with my Nikon point and shoot. 
A great little camera to carry while sightseeing on 
what became a very warm, many miles covered on foot, 
but so enjoyable, couple of days.
If you've not visited, hopefully you'll pack a bag
and head to London soon . . . there's so much more to 
see than what I had time for this trip.


  1. What great photos and beautiful weather - I hope to visit London some day and see it all in person - rain or shine :-)

  2. You had a beautiful day to revisit and I've enjoyed all of your pictures. I think I've told you how much I'd love to go. Maybe someday.

    Harriet is a beauty, I see you in something about her eyes.

    Jane xx

  3. Hello dear Mary
    Your photos are always such a feast for the eyes!
    I love London too - it's a vibrant city with so much to offer.
    The history of the Pearly Kings and Queens is interesting.
    I love the architecture, beautiful parks, palaces, shopping and all that history.
    Have a happy weekend
    Shane x

  4. This is a wonderful post, Mary. I love all the historic buildings, businesses, and architecture. We visited St. Paul's while there then went to Trafalgar Square. It was fabulous. I have a question for you about the pronunciation of Twining's. Is it pronounced 'twin' or 'twine'? My friends and I drink a lot of their teas and we are unsure of the pronunciation. We usually say 'twine' as we feel twin should have 2 n's. I hope you can clarify this mystery for me - another one of those quirks of the English language. :-) Thanks. Have a wonderful weekend. xx Pam

  5. Your photos are wonderful. There is so much to see and enjoy in London. You captured some great areas well...

  6. What fabulous photos - everything was amazing. You should write a photo book of your travels.

  7. The only time I've ever been close was twice, on layovers, coming to and from the States. The first one was 20 years ago. :) I would love to actually visit one day. We have friends who lived here in Kuwait for 14 years that moved back to Newcastle a few years ago. Would like to visit them one day, too. But not sure it will ever happen. Our travel is usually business related in some way. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  8. What a marvelous selection of photos! The point and shoot cameras (or mirrorless) can't be beat for street photography because they produce beautiful photos and are so lightweight. I adore seeing the mix of old and new architecture. I don't think I'll ever get to see London (or England, for that matter), so your photos are the next best thing.

  9. Oh, I just love each and every one of these. I have a soft spot for the UK. Wonderful pictures.

  10. What a great time you chose with the blue skies, London looks so bright when the sun shines. You certainly stopped off at quite a few spots and it felt as though I was walking with you, with the shoes pinching at my toes (like every time I take a trip down there). I love the good old Pearly Kings and Queens and their array of buttons.

  11. Hello dear Mary. Thanks for the great tour of London. It's been quite a few years since we were there. I have pair of pearly king and Queen dolls that my dad bought for me when I was a little girl. I treasure them. Hugs, Rhondi

  12. Glad you enjoyed London :-) We have been having some fantastic weather in England this summer, and it still goes on!

  13. Hi Mary,

    Such spectacular shots of London, every single one of them, and with a Point & Shoot, to boot! How ever were you able to catch the sky without it looking grainy, as my Sony Cybershot so consistently manages to do?

    London was fantastic when we visited in the summer of 2004, and judging from your images and text, I see that it is still one of the most exciting and enchanting cities in the world! Like you, we got the chance to visit most of the places you have featured. Interestingly, we had dinner at Jamie Oliver's 'Fifteen', since I was a fan, and we, too, were greatly disappointed, both in the food and the service. I think you may be right: he simply is juggling too much, and sadly, some things are suffering.

    Thanks for the wonderful post and for bringing back many lovely memories to mind!

    Happy weekend,


  14. Thanks for the tour~
    My favorite picture was all the steeples pointing up.
    Oh I must remember Twinings! I think they have a museum too.
    heading for my list now. How I would have loved walking with you.
    We have been here once for only 2 days, so definitely know we must go again.

  15. Wonderful tour Mary. I remember well our trip to London a few years ago. So disappointing about Jamie's restaurant. Your pictures are outstanding.

    Hugs, Penny

  16. I don't think I caught this post at the time, Mary. for a short stop, you certainly crammed a lot in! Wonderful images - makes the place look, really, not so bad!


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