Thursday, September 4, 2014

Senior Year. . . . . .

A shout-out to Jasmin!
Just a grandmother's proud moment……

As another school year commences many of our 
children, and grandchildren, are already working 
hard as they settle into their classes 
and adjust to new schedules.

Our granddaughter Jasmin, now a high school senior, 
certainly appears to have a very busy year ahead.
Although she doesn't plan a musical career, her 
great love of music plays a huge part in
her daily education. 

As a first soprano in a chorus known for achieving 
many awards, both locally and nationally, and with 
a Director who himself has been recognized in the USA 
as one of the very best, being chosen for this 
important position is just one, but a big one
of Jasmin's dreams come true.  

This important senior year Jasmin will be very busy.
I know she'll manage to do it all though because she is 
a very special young person who, at seventeen, has shown 
that she is mature, forward-thinking, thoughtful, 
helpful, gracious, reliable, and thought of highly 
by her peers.

Way to go Jasmin!
We are so proud of you.
Am I bragging? You bet I am!


  1. And you should be bragging - what an accomplished young lady your granddaughter is - I'm sure she will enjoy this last year of high school.

  2. Congratulations, Jasmin! Mary, you've every right to brag on this beautiful and talented young woman. All the best for her senior year!

  3. Wow, she is just as beautiful as she is talented! And with a mature attitude too. Best wishes to her!

  4. And you should be bragging. I have so enjoyed Jasmin progress through the years.
    I wish her well and many wonderful dreams come true as she moves through her
    senior year. It is such an amazing time for a young person.

  5. We shall expect a rendition of Summertime from Jasmin when she visits next year followed by fish & chips at the beach hut.

    1. Jean, I can hardly wait - it will be fabulous to be home in summertime again. Have fond memories, and pics, of the beach hut when Jasmin was there with Toby and Ollie so many years ago, and now we'll have fun with Phoebe too. I've paid the deposit so look for us next June!
      Hope you're having fun in Spain - wish I was with you!

  6. Not in Spain, still waiting to move! Off to Spain 30/9 hopefully. Xxx

  7. Congratulations to her and you have all the rights to be proud!


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