Saturday, September 6, 2014

The last of the Summer wine……………

I'm drained of energy. 
A little rest from the heat and humidity needed 
this weekend. . . . . .   
 . . . . . . looks like the 'dog days' of Summer have finally arrived with 
daily temperatures hovering close to 100F for the entire week. 
Late afternoon thunderstorms threaten, booming in the distance, but have 
not brought us more than a few drops. The garden waits, a good drench
from nature always more beneficial than a shower from a rubber hose.

Couch on the Porch, Cos Cob (1914)
Frederick Childe Hassam - 1859-1935
American Impressionist

I share this wonderful painting at least once each Summer. 
To me it speaks Summertime, the light, the shadows and the colors.
For me a day spent reposing on the porch with a book and a breeze would
be so special - add Leona Lewis singing her amazing version of that 
classic song 'Summertime', perfection!  

So why do I never seem to do it? 
Much has to do with fighting off biting bugs, and the fact that I
have yet to make room for a couch on my small front porch.
So later today perhaps a little break in the screened gazebo instead, 
overhead fan moving the heavy air, a tall glass of well chilled wine for sipping,
and my book . . . currently re-reading Isak Dinesen's 'Out Of Africa'.

Are you enjoying being somewhat lazy on these last days of Summer?


  1. I love this time of year, right before it gets chilly. I am hanging on to summer with all my might.

  2. Hello Mary,

    We confess....we have been doing nothing but be lazy throughout the entire summer! And we are set to continue into September too!

    Chilled wine, good books........ah yes, now all we need is the fan!

  3. A lovely image, that I also don't do, but dream of.
    Ohhhhh I love that song and have it on my IPod.
    I have a fairly down past week, so feeling like I
    need to pick it up a notch, but not sure I want to quite
    yet. HAPPY LAZY Days of the end of Summer.
    This morning I picked the end of our plum crop, we
    certainly enjoyed them. Still waiting for ripe figs.
    How do I make them hurry and ripen? Maybe
    the 90 degree day will help today.

  4. Oh yes... lazy indeed. It is breezy and cool. my deck and patio are shaded and I have a lovely glass of iced tea ready with lots of lemon.
    And my book of course.

  5. Lovely last ays of summer. I took my lunch outside today. The sun was gloriously warm.

  6. Hi Mary - That is a beautiful painting. The colours draw you right in. We have had some very hot, muggy days lately but today it is cooler after rain last night. I am anxious for the Fall as that is my time of year. Have a nice weekend. Deb

  7. That is also one of my favorite paintings! So idyllic and lovely. While I'm sad to say goodbye to summer, I'm excited for fall. Why? Because fall has always represented a season of gathering. Enjoy this first weekend of September~ Loi

  8. It's time I re-read 'Out of Africa' too - a favourite.

    "I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills........

    Summer sounds unrelenting Mary - high on your agenda no doubt is lots of water to keep hydrated.
    We are lucky living on the coast as there is always a gentle breeze to keep us cool.

    Love the painting - I could have sworn it was painted on your porch! Beautiful colours.

    Enjoy the last of summer and store those sunbeams deep within you to draw on in the cold grey days of winter!

    Shane xox

  9. We've had the "humidity blues" for several days now and I've felt your misery. Today was glorious. Wish I were at the lake but I have obligations here. Still, with temps like this tomorrow, I hope to do a little pruning in the yard. A is enjoying the lake...and his never ending wood splitting, I'm sure!

    Love to you both,

    jane xx

  10. I hope that you have been sitting out on your porch and enjoying it! Cooler temperatures are coming in toward the end of the week, so next weekend should be spectacular for porch-sitting.


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