Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall means fashion. . . . . . . .

I'm catching my breath after a very busy weekend.
It's time for a fashion post from these parts!
Here in the southeast the humidity still hangs heavy in 
the air and the temperature has been heating up to around 
80F by noon. Not at all like true Autumn weather, 
but most enjoyable, especially when yesterday we headed 
back to the countryside and pumpkin farm in brilliant sunshine. 
Yes, never fear, I will be sharing more pumpkins in my 
next post, and yes I think you will love them!

I also had a marvelous time at the Fall Festival at
SuzAnna's Antiques at the Vintage Village on Saturday, so 
I'll be sharing that too. Some very special people came to 
town and were treasure hunting with me!

Today is dreary and showery, but that's perfectly OK.
Sweaters and boots have come out of storage and are 
ready to wear any day now!
I love Autumn/Winter clothes. 
I am a cool/cold weather person.
 I love soft pull-on hats and snuggly scarves. I have a 
drawer full of gloves and wrist warmers, and another of 
cuddly ankle to over-the-knee socks. 

I love this lightweight casual sweater for Fall days 
when a woolly sweater is just too heavy for my area. 
I bought this one in both grey and black at H&M - under $20 - 
washable, feels so silky yet cozy and will be great for 
layering as the temperatures drop later.
Leather pants, no way at my age, but I have invested 
in comfortable, classic, black knit ankle pants 
from J.Jill.

I'm picky about footwear. I would really enjoy just 
one new pair of boots for the coming season. 
I have flat riding boots and shorter boots, still in 
great shape, so looking now for a pair of ankle booties 
with bit of a heel. 
Would love grey leather - these from Cole Hahn 
are my favorite. A bit pricey, but well made, all leather,
 and a classic style that won't date, I'm not into extra 
pointy toes and skyscraper heels. . . .plus they gave a 
$50 discount last week, and free shipping.
When I hear the UPS truck pull up today they will be on board!

I've finished knitting up my skeins of beautiful natural 
wool purchased in the Falkland Islands last year. 
A cozy scarf, very plain and classic in style.
When I wear it on chilly days I'll have happy memories 
of my amazing voyage to Antarctica.

I'd like a new Winter bag, something more 
constructed. I'm so tired of fishing through a soft 
bag and digging through the conglomeration of items piled 
in the bottom . . . just know there's pen or a Ricola 
down there somewhere!
I found one for Summer, soft leather outside but quite 
sturdy with three distinct sections and several smaller 
pockets to organize stuff - and loved it.
Anyone checked the bag section in T.J.Maxx lately?
What happened to discount priced merchandise there?
Many racks of high-priced designer labels now.
Last week the first bag I looked at was marked down 
to $398.00! 
Many others were in the $200-$400 price range, crazy!
Still looking for mine needless to say.

Are you adding anything special or fun to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe this season? 
Do you shop for bargains?


  1. Mary, we have much in common. I used to read your blog ATP, then somehow, didn't know you'd changed it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Mary, I was wearing sweaters in Paris, but too warm here when I arrived home. The temps are nice though, so no complaints. I'm a sweater girl too. Love the cooler seasons. The gray sweater and black J. Jill pants are my kind of look. '-)

  3. Your choices are great, love the boots and grey sweater. I'm planning a fashion post sometime this week, too.

  4. I am slowly stocking up on new things from Athleta... which is so dangerous! I did buy some new running tights for the race this weekend, as well as a more casual pair with more of a normal "pant" leg opening. I also bought a nice long-sleeve casual top in a beautiful dark taupe / shale color -- with thumbholes! I'm starting to panic that I don't have many good layering pieces for this weekend, since the weather in Portland could be hit or miss!!

    xo Cassie

  5. I really need to find some new sweaters and tops that are tunic style, difficult to find here. I bought a lovely pashmina last week in soft mauve, pumpkin and turquoise shades which is always a great accessory. I have noticed our Winners store here (TJ Maxx) has very pricey handbags too. I think it's crazy and I really don't need a designer bag. I don't spend more than $40. on most things I buy unless it's footwear. I'm too cheap! :) I love the things you've shown here Mary. Have fun shopping.

  6. Mary,

    You are going to look wonderful in the sweaters and black have the perfect figure for simple pieces as well as layering. I love sweaters also, but stay with the tunic type as I carry all my weight in my tummy. Love the booties we are seeing everywhere. The wedges are comfortable and I can get away with the chunky heel if a lot of walking isn't required! I'm looking for a new purse as well, just not sure if I want to invest a lot as I like to change them seasonally. And yes, something structured might keep me organized! :)

    Jane xx

    1. Sweet Jane, you are just too generous with your compliments!
      Hope to see you soon though - and we can chat about fashion, decorating, family and such.
      Hugs - Mary

  7. Good Morning Mary,
    I went out shopping yesterday in fact, for some new fall tops. I picked up a few, then came home and did a little online shopping. I still want to head to j.jill later this week. I am looking for some comfortable black ankle boots, some knee high brown leather flat boots, and some fun keds. I haven't shopped for clothes in a couple of years, hoping to loose some weight, but that just didn't happen and now I am running around in rags, lol.

    You are going to look fabulous in that sweater!

  8. Love your new sweater and boots too.
    The grey bag is gorgeous! I know the scarf
    will be a delight for a long time.
    I do shop for bargains, but I don't go often enough
    to really catch much. I did get a soft dark grey,
    light weight sweater and a black and white marled
    elbow sweater from Old Navy. I check there fairly
    regularly when I need to go to Staples next door.
    Need to check H&M and Anthropologie soon and
    only buy slacks and jeans from J.Jill when they are
    on sale, so have been watching their ads.

  9. I LOVE that wool! The clothes are so nice, but I can't fit into anything so chic anymore. They would look great on my daughter. And speaking of which, I want to crochet my daughter boot toppers out of either cotton or wool yarn in a lovely grey like the one you show. (Can't go to Britain for the real thing, though! :-)) I've just gotten back to crocheting and need to learn more about the stitches, etc. I'm enjoying it, though it's a bit hard on my arthritic hands.

  10. Love that new sweater. Never heard of that online store before. I got a few bargains at our local Kohl's about a week ago. A few tops, but some much needed pants. Pants are washed and now waiting in my studio room for hemming. It is the curse of short people that everything has to be hemmed. sigh... I never go to T.G. Maxx. It's about 10 miles away and the traffic is horrible in that area. I shop either close to home or via the internet. Thank goodness for L.L. Bean, Lands End, and Duluth Trading Co!


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