Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Green Darner . . .

Was he after the last of the figs? Or maybe just resting 
on his way south. Well known for its great migration 
distance, it flies from the northern United States south 
into Texas and even Mexico.

The Common Green Darner stopped by my fig tree on Friday. 
He stayed long enough for me to run into the cottage and 
grab my Olympus and set it on 'Birds' in hopes of getting 
a good shot of those dashing colors and quivering gossamer 
wings. Common and abundant, it is one of the largest 
dragonflies, males grow to 3" in length with a wingspan 
of up to 3-1/2". 
Adult darners catch insects on the wing, including moths, 
flies and mosquitoes. Lovely dragonflies please, please 
return to the garden next Summer - I'll have plenty of 
mosquitoes for you to dine on, I promise.


  1. Is it a bird, is it a plane...oh, you made me love this little guy, Mary! Beautiful and such an interesting life it leads! I hope they come back to visit you (and me as well!).

    Just read your comment. We escaped the plumbing problems to come to the lake. They await me on Monday morning as well as the C.I.P. (!). No washing by the river banks! Although it sounds a bit romantic if I could have professional help! Ha!

    Jane xxx

  2. Stunning shots. I'm glad it waited for you to get the camera. I've never seen them sit still long enough for a good picture.

  3. Beautiful and oh so fragile Mary.
    I hope he heard you (I'm sure he did) and that he returns to stay with you for a while next year - perhaps he will have family in tow!!

    I marvel at the migratory birds - our little Godwits travel from the Coromandel coast in March each year to Alaska, 11,000 miles non stop!!!
    Some fly via China and rest and refuel for three weeks and then complete the 7000 miles.

    With the Dragonfly and it's little wings flap, flap, flapping to get him to Mexico - it's a miracle!

    I just love your photos Mary!
    Shane x

  4. Amazing shots Mary. I haven't managed to capture any of these this year, just try to catch up with them with just my eyes was bad enough. Take care x

  5. To cool!. I love dragonflies though they never set still long enough for me to photograph. Excellent shots! Thanks for posting!

  6. your photo's are so clear and crisp, love this and love dragonflies....thank you for visiting "Return To Loblolly" blog, your comments so appreciated.. thank you I enjoyed joining the photo challenge and Buddy is a favorite subject, and yes we have ton's of fish and catch them often for fish frying feast.

  7. You got some amazing photos of this beautiful dragonfly Mary. I love dragonflies. When I grew up we lived on a lake and the dragonflies use to swoop over the lake catching mosquitoes. It was beautiful to watch them.

  8. Always such beautiful photos on your blog Mary.

    Where can I read about your latest travel plans?

    Sft x

  9. You did such a beautiful job of capturing him.

  10. He is beautiful! Hope he helped with the last of the figs.
    That reminds me I must check mine tomorrow. We are
    close to getting some ripe ones, I can't wait.

  11. A beautiful visitor to your garden, Mary. So glad you were able to get these wonderful shots.


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