Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Good Day Sunshine"

Immortalized in the well known Beatles song, 
the lyrics stated, "good day sunshine". . .  
. . . .and that's what we enjoyed on Saturday for the 
Fall Festival at SuzAnna's Antiques and the 
Vintage Village here in town.

Hand painted signs are really popular again and there 
are some fabulous ones made by dealers at SuzAnna's.

For those of you perhaps waaaay up north, or living abroad, 
and not familiar with southern expressions, "HEY, Y'ALL" 
means Hello/Hi all of you! Yes, there is a different 
language spoken here in the south, and it took me awhile 
to get it. . . and even after 37 years here I still 
sometimes have difficulty when I hear a true southern 
accent rife with southern colloquialisms.

My personal pretty purchase for the day - the English 
(made in Staffordshire) tea pot naturally. 
Never have enough - although I did cull my collection 
some time back so this makes just three. At just $9.00
I couldn't pass it up.
The lovely girls - granddaughters Cassie, Jasmin 
(who works weekends at SuzAnna's), 
my fabulous friend Vanessa who now lives several 
hours away but came to see us, and Susie, co-owner 
of the shop with her daughter Jenny. Sorry Jenny we 
didn't snap you in this one, you were working so 
diligently with your many customers!
This lovely sign said it all. 
As always, we had fun here, then Cassie, Vanessa and I 
headed to Anthropologie for more eye candy browsing - and 
a little buying (show you later), then met up with my Bob 
for some thirst quenching iced coffee at Starbucks.
A perfect day in every way.


  1. Of course I noticed the pretty teapot. What a deal at $9.
    Loved seeing the lovely ladies, especially both grand daughters.
    Now this looks like it was a special day with Anthropologie and
    sunshine tossed into the mix.

  2. Mary, I think antiquing is my favorite thing to do. I spied a thing or two I would have loved to buy. Y'all looked like you were enjoying your day.

  3. Such wonderful treasures! And $9.00 for a Staffordshire teapot! I was ready to head to your town and get it myself!!!!

  4. I had so much fun spending the afternoon with everyone! Glad I have decided on my wedding favors, too, hehe!!

    xo Cassie

  5. Oh, it is such a wonderful place! And I know your tea will taste scrumptious in that old/new teapot!

  6. Oh my. What a lovely shop! I would have bought the teapot too. It's is beautiful, Mary. I also like the Good Day Sunshine sign. Your granddaughters are so pretty! Looks like a fun time.

  7. Sounds like a perfect day Mary. I emailed you (2 emails)...just want to make sure you received them.

  8. That pretty teapot has me wishing for a visit to Suzanne's. Your granddaughters have the same beautiful eyes. What a fun outing!

  9. So sorry to have missed a grand time with you and your special peeps!

  10. So much fun as always!! Dear, it was wonderful to see you and meet your sweet granddaughter Cassie. She is just as lovely as you and now I have a new friend!! Every time I come back home I start counting the days to be back there. :) Hopefully we will get to see each other soon! How did things go at the bridal shop? I'm so excited for her! Much love ~ Vanessa ps. Love the little collage you made with those lovely mini vases. May use that little photo square of them? Thanks dear!

  11. I love this shop!!!! The girls have done an exceptional job not only in merchandising but their displays are beautiful. Lookie there, there is a Farmer's Market sign that is the same font I used on mine. Their signs are very similar to the ones I make. Thank God for Pinterest~!!
    I am glad you picked up that pretty tea pot. What a deal it was.

    Have a beautiful day!!


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