Friday, September 12, 2014

Photo Challenge September - Movement

This was quite a difficult challenge for me. 
Made me realize I should have kept all those dozens 
of blurred photos which I guess expressed movement - 
and perhaps were not really bad pictures - instead of 
dumping them in the TRASH.

Anyway here goes - two, and I admit it, accidentally 
captured movement shots I did keep - and one I created 
myself with assistance from magical PicMonkey. All were 
taken with the Canon 7D.

Mumbai, India 2012. The morning commute.

Arrival of a Ladies Train, allowing safe transportation 
for women only.
The Victoria Terminus railway station built back in the 
days of British rule, now named Chatrapati 
Shivaji Maharaja Terminus, is the largest railway station 
in the east. 
If you watched the amazing movie Slumdog Millionaire you 
will be familiar with it as many scenes were shot here. 

Great Egret - Botswana, Africa - 2012

OK, this is one and the same Great Egret taken with 
the Canon 7D - and I was at last able to get photos of 
African birds in flight. 
So, for this challenge, I've taken two of the photos of 
this beautiful bird taking off from its nest on the 
Okavango Delta, merged them using PicMonkey's 'collage' 
option, and that was about it. No blur really needed as 
it's obvious the bird is moving those huge wings and 
experiencing the joy of flight. 
Oh to be able to do that!

Aomori, Japan - 2013

Riding a bus up through the snowy woodland on 
Mt. Hakkoda-san, the name given to a range of dormant 
volcanoes on Aomori Island, was exciting and scenic. 
While moving at quite a clip through the beautiful 
virgin forestland, I was able to catch this shot from 
the window - snow blown against the tree trunks and on the 
ground, but also young green leaves visible on the treetops. 
I think you get the feel of sideways movement here - and 
perhaps I should blow up this shot and frame it as to 
me it's more like a painting.

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Challenge HERE, I'm sure there will be some very
interesting shots this month.


  1. Oh Mary, these are wonderful shots. The first one really captures the swirling motion of a train station in India. All those people coming and going. The egrets are lovely and how clever of you to stitch two photos together. The last one is really painterly - definitely a photo to print and frame. The colours are wonderful, all whites and browns with the fresh green of spring at the top.

  2. wowser! Mary these photo's actually make me want to get in "movement" and travel (little green here). My goodness what an exciting awesome "movement" photo's of your amazing travels. I'm new following.

  3. LOL, you're like me in culling through photos. If I see something a blurry image, 99% of the time I will delete the file! The people movement in the first one really gives a sense of dynamics - the hustle and bustle of people, hurrying to their destinations. And it is really cool that you thought of combining two photos for a composite egret photo! Great job in capturing those magnificent wings in action. And the last one sure does give the sense of movement to the viewer. Great job on the challenge, once again, Miz Mary!

  4. Great photos...I really love the effect of that movement in the first one especially!!

  5. Fascinating photos! I really love the one of the birch trees and yes, it looks like a painting. Beautiful!

  6. That last one really does look like a painting. I don't dump many photos! I just don't take the time. You see some interesting sights in your travels! You should publish books of your travel photos! Hugs, Diane

  7. Your choices are stunning Mary, my favourite is definitely the ladies train that shows movement and tells a story.

  8. All lovely shots! What a fortunate accident for that first one of the train. I am also wondering about all the blurred images in my trash can. Should I have considered them more carefully?

  9. These are simply wonderful. I can't choose one I like best, they're all so good. :)

  10. I like that first one, really does express movement.

  11. I love the photo of the birch trees. Definitely one to frame.

  12. You couldn't have looked much further than these stunning pictures for movement. will always be the first and foremost adventurous woman I have ever met!

    Jane xxx

  13. What impressive photos....and the trees are just perfect...Love all of the photos of your wonderful trips.

  14. Wonderful - though my favorite is the egrets - what an amazing shot!!!!

  15. Wonderful! Three completely different perspectives of movement. I really love the colorful photo from India.
    It could be a magazine cover!

  16. Hello Mary

    You've captured 'movement' perfectly!
    The first photo is wonderful, I feel as though I am part of that throng of people.
    Email coming soon.......!

  17. Mary, these are excellent photos and you have certainly captured the movement here! Very interesting effects! Has it cooled off in Raleigh like it has here midstate? I was also looking at your next post of the dragon fly...what amazing shots!

  18. How I would love to see egrets such as these in flight. They are just gorgeous!
    The tree also are quite wonderful and do give a feeling of movement. Lovely, lovely
    as usual!

  19. Beautiful, beautiful!! You have offered three fascinating photos depicting movement! I especially love the last photo of the blurred trees. I agree...that one does look like a painting!


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