Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm about to leave home for a few weeks, but first I 
get to join in Claudia's Saturday fun blog party 
over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage, one of my favorite 
blogs for several years. 
Participants are challenged each week to show one 
favorite thing which she/he really enjoys in life. 
It can be just about ANYTHING, no holds barred, and there 
are no complicated rules and regulations, thanks Claudia!

This is the cover of my much treasured vintage travel brochure, circa 1963, depicting my home town in Devon, England. What could be a more favorite thing than something pertaining to HOME! 

Leaving home and crossing the pond almost 50 years ago was the biggest step of my young life. I was 18 and in search of adventure. I had no money for travel, but I was young, perhaps a tad foolish, and able to work, so working abroad was the only way. My parents encouraged me to go which made it easier to leave. I arrived in Washington, D.C., got my Green Card, was working as a secretary within the week, and planned to stay a year before heading back home again! 

Fast forward.......worked, met Paula, met and married Bob, raised a family, and went home again to England many times as a visitor, but never to live. Regrets, few, America has been good to me, but England will always be my true home. I often turn the pages of this old brochure. The photos show my hometown as it was when I was growing up. Do I still get homesick? Yes, I most certainly do!  

Stop over at Claudia's blog, Mockingbird Hill Cottage
and join in the first fun
Saturday A Favorite Thing. 

I may be absent for a few weeks if I can't get Internet 
on the ship in Australia, but I'll be 
back before you know it!


  1. What a wonderful story behind the travel brochure. Can you believe I've never heard of the "English" Riviera? French, yes, English no! I learned something new today. How hard it must have been to leave such a beautiful area, and your family. It's wonderful that you are able to go back and forth to visit... Donna

  2. THat must have been a huge move. I love the vintage brochure. It looks like a beautiful place.

  3. It was so fun to see your vintage brochure and to read your story! What a brave girl and I'm glad you found a 2nd home here in America. Enjoy your trip! Hugs, Linda

  4. That is a precious reminder of 'home' for you Mary!
    I feel we are all bonded to to our birth country - just like our mother tongue.
    My daughter is now fluent in french and 'thinks & dreams' in french, but misses chatting to her friends in english. I send her many parcels of books and magazines from home, plus Marmite, Golden Syrup, Chocolate Fish (a kiwi thing) Pineapple lumps, Jellybeans etc. My husband calls them red cross parcels!

    Can't wait to hear news of your Australian trip!

  5. I am a traveler too. It is good to meet you. I am also going to be gone for the next two weeks. We are going on a trip to Fairbanks and after exploring around inAlaska , we'll get on a cruise ship to tour on down to Seattle. See you in a couple! You have fun. I loved my visit to Australia!

  6. That was a big step for you to take all those years ago. But it obviously was the first of many adventures you would take. Enjoy your holiday. Tammy

  7. Enjoy your adventure! Great story. I moved from North Georgia (the state not the country) to Texas 30 years ago and I still get homesick. It's probably that thing of "if you had a good mama, you came from a good home" thing. I still have my mom and go visit her as often as I can... which brings me back to you and your trip. Please take your camera(s) - you do great work.

  8. What a wonderful brochure, Mary, full of memories and photos of your beloved hometown. I know you must miss it very much. I can't help admiring how brave you were to come to the US. Of course, you met Bob and the rest is history.

    Thank you so much for joining in on the party, especially since I know you are preparing to leave on yet another adventure. Bless you and safe travels.


  9. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for sharing your story and the beautiful vintage photo. I feel like I know you a litlle better and can understand why you have a bit of love for "adventure" in your spirit.
    Have a fun trip.

  10. AWWW, My Father-in-law often talks about his beloved Italy in much the same way. Home is Home and there is no place like it!
    Great brochure!
    Here from Mockingbird Hill Cottage
    Blessings, Joanne

  11. It is a beautiful brochure visually (love all those colors) and obviously for you, emotionally as well. I'm glad you have this memento of those days to remember them by.

  12. What a life you've led - such a brave young woman! Home always tugs at the heart, no matter how far we travel, I find. Love the brochure. I'm sure it reminds you of many happy days.

  13. Favorite thing seem to so often include our own memories or family ties. I love that this is one of your favorite things.

  14. Lovely nostalgic look at Torquay, we used to go there on holiday when I was just a little girl. That would have been about 10 years before your brochure was printed!!
    Have a fab trip, hope you're back in the Carolinas by mid October.

  15. O seu folheto de viagem é bem bonito, mas o fato de trazer lembranças tão queridas, certamente é o que o torna muito, mas muito especial mesmo! Obrigada por compartilhar.

  16. I must say that after 12 years away from England...although only across the Channel, we are so delighted to be back 'home'!
    Have a wonderful trip.

  17. And Mar, i feel the same way which is why i go "home" every year. Blackpool doesn't quite stack up to Torquay so they are both my home!!

  18. Sweet post, Mary. Have a fabulous trip, my friend..........Sarah

  19. That is such a special favourite thing! What a brave, young girl you were. ~ Maureen

  20. Love this post! We are so fearless and desirous of adventure at 18, aren't we? I'm glad you have found a welcoming home here in the states and that you've been able to return home as well. The heart always remembers it's first home.

    On a funny note, I feel like I've heard the name of Torquay in an episode of Fawlty Towers? What a beautiful place to call home.

  21. What a lovely story, Mary! And how nice to have the brochure to remind you of your 'home'. So many things change over time, and to have this memento is truly special.


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