Thursday, August 9, 2012

Help, I should have married a computer geek...............

.............but I'm so old, and have been married so long, they didn't have them back then!

The peaceful life in Africa where wrinkles are OK

Nothing seems to be going right with Blogger and I'm thinking it may have something to do with a Safari update! My type won't stay large - are you seeing it really small on your screen by chance? The back button doesn't take me back, just closes me out to the desktop.  Grrrrrrr........I've been lumbering about all day, wasting so much time with all this, and also with major problems with iPhoto, and trying to move my photo library to an external drive because I have so little storage remaining on this MacBook Air which is going on holiday with me again, real soon! More about that another time!
Sorry for the moan but it's all so frustrating.

So tomorrow I have an appointment at the Apple store - that always wild and crazy place at the mall where everyone but me seems 19.........and SO computer savvy. 

Talking of 'Safari update', quite honestly I would really like to be back there enjoying a real safari where wrinkles don't mean a hill of beans, and counting stars in the velvet African night sky was as close as I got to anything technical!

Do you have a love hate relationship with your computer, the Internet, even your blog? Are you having Blogger problems the last day or so?

If you want to gripe about any of the above, please feel free to join in and vent right here! I'll be waiting.


  1. No problems with any of it for me (at least for now.) One of my sons is a total computer geek, I could loan him to you!!! (and you are SO right about those Apple stores, always packed ... like young things in a nightclub)

  2. Oh, I sure hope you get things worked out! Computer problems can be so annoying (and so time-wasting!) Hope things are back up to speed soon!

  3. Blogger has been a bit strange lately. I haven't updated Safari as yet, and now I think I'm going to hold off! It's so frustrating, isn't it?

    I have an external hard drive to back up my laptop. Let me know what you find out about moving your iPhoto library to the hard drive. That's something I'm going to have to do soon!


  4. I am continually frustrated by Blogspot. Just when I think I've got everything on my blog looking very Joy & Comfort-y I save and long off. Then when I go back and look at my blog ... it's not the same. I hate to spend so much time on this - life is happening out there - blogging is just a small part of it. Yes, you're type is small. Don't worry, I enjoy your blog and keep coming back.

  5. Sorry you are having such a problem with your computer. The type is the same size as it's always been on your blog.
    I am fortunate because my son's job is computers and he has installed a program on my computers, so that he can fix almost anything from his home which is a 2 1/2hour ride from me. All I do is phone him with the problem and before I know it---fixed. All that money spent on tuition well spent.
    Where are you off to on your next trip?


  6. I could rant on and on about Google. But I use it anyway. I find their policies intrusive and overbearing. It's hard to opt out of things - they're happy to have me sign on to stuff, but then I have to hunt for the information to get out of it.

    I have a love-hate relationship with technology. Love it when it does what I want it to, hate it when it doesn't. Our son is a computer engineer, one son-in-law is a computer science major, the other a engineering technologist, so I ask them for technical advice. It can be frustrating when all three of them have different ideas on how to solve a problem. Shall I send one of them out your way? But frankly, when it comes to blogging issues, I'm mostly on my own.

  7. I have been having some problems with google. It seems I had to different email sign ins and I had to delete one, and I couldn't figure it all out. I would like to erase every account I have and just start over, but I would loose all of the blogs I follow doing that.

  8. Doing ok with blogger at the moment and your print looks just fine. But computers are a love/hate relationship for sure. Crossing my fingers right now, as things are going OK. Good luck! Now isn't that funny where wrinkles are ok sometimes, but not other times. Take care and hugs, Marilyn

  9. On Wednesday night, I was telling friends how our new internet (that we've had the past two months) was good and fast and that same night, it went out and hasn't come back. Ironic? Frustrating! So hubby has left his little modem with us every day to use (he uses it for the office) and today he is sending out router to be checked out. I haven't had blogger problems, though I can't enlarge text at all or change the color -- I can make my text smaller. Doesn't make much sense to me. Friends are trying to talk me into getting an iPhone. I still have my old Nokia mobile that I've had for 8 or 10 years now. Works for me. I don't really want to rely on technology for every aspect of my life. And when I travel, no gadgets go with me at all. Hubby has his iPhone to keep in touch with everyone and that's enough. :)

  10. Blogger can be a pain in the you know what....shhh maybe I should not say it too loudly or they may cut me off again!

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