Saturday, August 11, 2012

Africa - my favorite cat....................

YES, STILL MY FAVORITE CAT...........the beautiful 
leopard, one of 'the big five' and always an 
awesome sight up close.

They say not to make eye contact with the African wild animals...........I usually refrain but it's difficult, if they stare at you it's really hard not to stare back at so much beauty. Going through the many photos I took of the leopards, this one was certainly staring up at me seated in the vehicle......look at those amazing golden eyes!  
Did I stare back? I really can't recall....guess I was too busy capturing images with him being so close up.

Here you can see just how close these gorgeous animals come.  Because we are viewed by them as one singular object as long as seated in the vehicle, they are not alarmed or concerned.  Quiet talking and picture taking is fine, one just never stands up, shouts, waves, or makes sudden moves.....or more important tries to get out of the vehicle. The areas we visited have not allowed hunting in many years, this also makes the animals a lot more comfortable around humans.

Shadows of us in the vehicle - such a relaxed boy 
enjoying the beach at the Sand River.

Hope you enjoy these images of the leopards - for 
more info on these magnificent cats, and to view a handsome male up a tree, see this post from 
my 2010 sightings.


  1. Oh yes, I dooo like your cat pictures!! Now I see a little twitch in his tail...indicating a bit of tension there. Maybe? Gorgeous photos, Mary! Oh, and I have to tell you, if I haven't done so already, I so enjoyed your pics of Lake Almanor. My mother lived near Eagle Lake and her ashes are spread overlooking the causeway of Lake Almanor. So when I saw your pics, I gasped! Her wishes...but I get it. A beautiful place to rest.


  2. He is gorgeous! How did you get that shot back at the vehicle with the leopard between you and the vehicle? You were really close.

  3. He is a handsome boy. I can't believe how close them come to the jeep. Wow! Fabulous photos as always! Have a great day. Tammy

  4. A magnificent creature. Fantastic pictures Mary. Imagine being born in an outfit as fabulous as that! :)

  5. Oh, Mary, these images are incredible. The one of this cat staring up at you should win an award. Wow! I'm with you. I think this is my favorite of the cat family. Leopard print has always been my favorite too. ;-)

  6. Incredible!!! How lucky you are to be so close to those wonderful cats.
    Mary, on a different subject. About three years ago, I saw the Hotel La Madone in Provence, on your site and told you we were trying to book there when we went home to England. Unfortunately, the volcano in Iceland erupting interfered with our flights, but we have just booked in there for next April and I am so excited. If I had not come into your blog, I would never be going to such a lovely destination. Am keeping fingers crossed for this time. Thank you.

  7. I hope your computer woes are over! I LOVED seeing these wonderful cats! And yes you got CLOSE! Wow, that amazes me! What a blessing to get up close and get to take photos you can treasure always of one of God's beautiful creatures!

    You had the kindest caption for my birds...most people felt like the hummingbirds should have been mischievous and had them talking about flying off and letting the "teeter totter" go down with the goldfinch on it. :-) I like your idea of them asking him to come play!

  8. I have to agree with you on this cat Mary. It is absolutely beautiful!


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