Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cherry ripe................

This Summer's cherry crop seems especially we've been eating a lot.

Usually I buy just red cherries however there was 
a great sale on the golden Rainer cherries 
from the Pacific Northwest at a local grocery.........
they are delicious. I wash a bowl full and keep them 
handy to snack on.

Cherries are very good for you!

I need to stop lolling about in the heat wasting time, get into the kitchen (of course still in the heat but using time wisely), dig out the cherry pitter (I like this one), and whip up a yummy, traditional, delicious French cherry Clafoutis (here for the history) for dessert. Do you like your cherries baked?

Enjoy your weekend - eat some healthy Summer cherries.


  1. Hubby brought some cherries home yesterday but it is clearly evident they are past their prime. Unfortunately, the Syrian conflict is affecting shipping and since all produce is brought in from surrounding countries, with weeks of delays, the produce is way overripe by the time it gets here. I wanted to make eggplant parmigiana the other day but every single eggplant I looked at was so soft I didn't even want to bring one home. I've wanted to try making a clafoutis but heard that you have to eat it right away and not keep leftovers. Don't know how true that is. Hope you are having a good day. Tammy

  2. Save me a portion of that delicious looking clafoutis Mary.

  3. We are really enjoying the cherries this summer here in Michigan too.Although all the cherries in the Traverse city area( where most of the countries canning cherries are grown) were wiped out by the early freeze..No pears on our own trees this year..usually have over 50 to make home made preserves to eat with bleu cheese all winter..

  4. Your bowl of cherries look delicious Mary.
    We've had some amazing cherries from our local market over the last couple of weeks, the trouble is not too many make it home as we tend to try 'just one more' on the way home!
    Rose H

  5. Mary, I love clafoutis. Your cherries look gorgeous.

  6. I love clafoutis too! I am coming right over! I see the tables the bowl is sitting on :-).

    Thanks for letting me know about my blog problem. No one else said anything, but I had problems trying to bring my blog up too. I have decided not to use the blogher TV ad, because I think it was causing the problem.

  7. I love my cherries any way they come - baked in pie, in cake, straight from the tree and in a cloafouti!

  8. I made some cherry jam last year and we enjoyed it on English muffin for breakfast – I have to see if we have some left or I’ll make some more – although our fig tree if covered with figs, so that will make plenty of jam. I looked at your beautiful pictures from your Africa trip – I specially liked the pictures of the children.

  9. Love cherries in any form and claufotis are total deliciousness.

  10. Mary, I love cherries! I like to eat them fresh, but a cherry pie sounds pretty good right now!

  11. Just the cherries by themselves look yummy.
    Mom Fitness Journal

  12. Big cherry fans here! We have been fortunate this summer and enjoyed fresh cherries from Michigan and Washington. They were so much juicier and delicious than the ones we find in our grocery stores. Yum!

  13. Love cherries! My favorite way though is the German way. The way my Oma used to make it for me, and when I went back the way my Tante made it....cherry soup! Lecker, lecker, gut!
    Take Care,


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