Friday, August 31, 2012

Leaving home and husband!

I'm a homebody!  
I love pottering around in my little 
cottage home and garden.

Yes, you may be laughing and thinking, sure, but she's always off somewhere else!
True lately. Although I crossed the pond when heading home a lot over the past fifty years, and have visited every US state, Mexico, and much of Canada, I was never an 'adventurer' taking off on expedition type trips to the far reaches of the planet.

Actually this is really a post about my nearest and dearest, Bob my husband.

Bob had always travelled much more than me. He saw most of Europe in the sixties when drafted into the US Army and stationed in Germany just before we married. When he returned to his job here he travelled often for business in the US and Canada, also in the UK. Sometimes he went back to the UK with me to visit my family and friends, and we managed some trips to my family now living in France. He took me to Italy when I longed to see Tuscany.

At Sea ~ on the Queen Elizabeth heading to Mumbai, India ~ 2012

Bob has a gigantic map of the world on the wall of his office upstairs! There are dozens of colored push pins stuck in it, all places HE has visited! He likes to show it off ~ well he did until Paula started inviting me to travel with her two years ago!  Now we have this ongoing discussion about two maps (no way, they take up too much wall space), or each choose one color pin and stick them in the same old map. I might just beat him one of these days! I'm going to choose blue push pins - I'll let you know when there are more of those than the color he chooses.

 Non-alcoholic fruity aperitif served before afternoon tea on level 122 of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai ~ 2012

This year has also been a great travel year for Bob. He's come along with us, seen the same amazing countries, enjoying everything, and shares vivid memories of wild and crazy things we've done such as ziplining in Hawaii, afternoon tea high in Dubai, riding elephants in Botswana, and standing on the edge of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe! He isn't coming to Australia with us next week - this one is just we two old friends adventuring forth again while still able.  

Just wanted Bob to know how grateful I am that he pushes me out the door, spins me around, points me west in Paula's direction (she lives in California), and tells me to go and have a fabulous adventure with my best friend. He'll eat out, launder the towels, iron his own shirts, and shop for necessities! 

Thanks dear - I'll be missing you but before you know it, 
I'll be home again.


  1. What a great post Mary. I know Bob is a wonderful husband. You got a great one.
    p.s. have fun!

  2. Hello Mary:
    This is a lovely, heartfelt tribute to Bob who, we are certain, will miss you just as much as you him when you embark on your next foray abroad. But the meeting up again will surely be wonderful and, who knows, he might even plot your journey on his map!!

  3. Your Bob should meet my Great Dane - two of a kind. You couldn't have the wonderful time you're about to have if not for the generous spirit that waves you out the door. I'll be thinking of you as I head out too!

    1. Thank you dear friend - I think they would have a great time together, just as you and I will.......yes, we're coming your way again one of these days, hopefully next year!!! Meanwhile, off you go too.................have a wonderful trip.
      Hugs - Mary

  4. Mary, A wonderful post to your husband. I, too am a homebody whose husband forces me outside the box. I actually love to travel, but dread the leaving home. It may be we will cross paths in an airport this coming week. Have the most wonderful and safe trip. I do believe you to be a great adventurer. Bonnie

  5. Bob is such a great supportive husband. It's clear he understands your need to grab opportunities and travel yourself. Here's to Bob! Have a wonderful time, Mary!


  6. This is such a nice post, Mary! It is wonderful when Husband and wife had shared interests and loves! Bob shares your sense of adventure and passion. I'm sure you will think of him often while you are gone. Bon Voyage! Stay safe and have a great time! :)


  7. Mary, this is a sweet tribute to a wonderful guy. I'm fortunate to have a great husband with a generous spirit too. I much prefer to travel with him, but he isn't always interested. Instead he encourages me to go and have a grand time. Lucky ladies are we!
    Off you go again..........have a wonderful adventure ~ Sarah

  8. And reading it made me very teary eyed for my super husband who died a little over two years ago and who used to be my travelling companion - for 41 years. It's because of his death that i'm able to spend these wonderful weeks with Mary,but it really is very bitter sweet. Looking forward to our next adventure next week Mar.

    1. Dear Paula, I would happily give up all these wonderful trips you so kindly share with me to bring that super, special, dear dear man back........if only I could, you know that. Meanwhile, I'm happy that you are strong and have carried on so well - and yes, though bittersweet, we do have some wonderful times together - as we always have for almost 50 years!
      See you next week - Love, Mary

  9. Bob sounds like a good sport and a very capable man when you are away. You are blessed with a wonderful husband. Enjoy your trip! Hugs, Pamela

  10. It's fantastic that you are able to travel together and separately. My girlfriends keep talking about travelling somewhere together but so far it hasn't happened. Everyone is still in different stages of life with kids and such. Maybe one day we will get it together. You are fortunate that your husband supports your friendships -- not all women are so lucky. And not everyone gets to travel the world. It truly is a gift to do so. Enjoy! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  11. Dear Mary
    How sweet you are to share this with us.
    Bob sounds like a wonderful husband - being supportive and encouraging you all the way!

    I always feel sad and a little mean when I go to France without my DH as I did last time - but this was a special mother/daughter/granddaughter time!

    It's so great you're there for Paula. So often once a husband has gone, life can become very lonely without good friends who are happy to include/share adventures – you’re a good friend Mary.


  12. Sounds like you've had amazing times,enjoy your latest trip,looking forward to hearing all about it on your return xxxlove juliexxx

  13. How lovely to have a husband that pushes you out the door on new adventures. I am thinking I must have an adventure next year on my own. A short one, but starting to dream. Yes, we need these adventures while we still can do them, because then when we can't we will have wonderful memories to dream on.

  14. He is quite a guy...tell him I said "Hello" :) Enjoy your adventure down under. I am having the plaster/sheetrock work done around our new gas fireplace today, can't wait to use it :)


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