Sunday, August 26, 2012

Which book for Australia?

I have to choose a book to take with me on this next's something I do every time I'm away for a while. At sea there's often down time, sporadic and very slow Internet to post blog content or send e-mails. I look for a comfy deck chair, in the shade if in a warm climate, or curl up in an armchair in one of the lounges when it's chilly. I also enjoy reading a chapter or two before turning out the light at night. Above are some of the more decorative books around the cottage - of course they're not in the running for a journey thousands of miles from home.

I've narrowed it down to two paperbacks, one thick and bulky, the other slim and light. I'm thinking of another trip planned for next year.....a lengthy adventure where a thick book will definitely be required to while away time on the ocean. That said, the smaller one will be accompanying me to Australia......and the title you ask? 

It's THE COLOR OF TEA by Hannah Tunnicliffe which I 
received as the lucky winner from Marilyn of 
Delights of the Heart in her recent giveaway.

Marilyn, I'll be thinking of you as I turn the 
pages while the ship rocks gently on those 
hot nights ahead - thanks again for the sweet gift 
which will be tucked into my bag.


  1. Hello dear! It sounds like a nice book, and I hope you enjoy your trip to Australia. I also like to take books with me when travelling, but sometimes I get to finished them when I back home. :) Love ~ Vanessa

  2. Mary, The collage is lovely. I am not familiar with "The Color of Tea", but will certainly check into it. I leave soon for Ireland and have been thinking about the book I will read on the flight. There is nothing I enjoy more than holding a book and reading, but travel I have really enjoyed my ereader. I can now take several books without the weight. I know you will have a most magnificent trip. I can't wait to follow you through Australia.

  3. Australia? Oh goody, we'll soon be travelling again :D. Well at least I hope you will be taking us along. I'm all rested up after our trip to Africa and ready to head "down under". LOL.
    I'm not familiar with this book, but it looks like a great choice for your upcoming trip. Congratulations on being the lucky winner!

  4. Mary, I don't know this book, but will look for it. I recently picked up a copy of The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. It was highly recommended. Need to get started on int. ;-) Enjoy your day.........Sarah

  5. Reading a book on the deck of a ship sounds so peaceful! I hope you enjoy this one and congratulations on winning it. Your trip is fast approaching and you sound so organized! I'm looking forward to reading about it!


  6. I enjoyed reading 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' when I was in Africa recently. Didn't read as much as I thought as I was busy writing my journal too-if I got behind it would have been a disaster!

    Since returning I've read 'The Good Husband of Zebra Drive'-the next of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series and 'My Last Duchess' by Daisy Goodwin-about an American Heiress who comes to England in search of a Duke to marry-it had some great characters in it.

    Now I'm reading 'You are my Sunshine' by Katie Flynn. Set in 1941 about World War 2 British WAAFs being trained to fly barrage balloons-4 girls romantic encounters and tragedies.

    I READ A LOT! So today I visited a Car Boot Sale and bought 6 new books:
    The Green Hills of Africa/The Old Man of the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
    Brideshead Revisted by Evelyn Waugh (I have a copy already but couldn't resist the stylish cover)
    The Old Patagonian Express by Paul Theroux
    The 2 and a half Pillars of Wisdom by Alexander McCall Smith-HAVE YOU READ ANY OF THIS SERIES
    Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris (author of the book 'Chocolat'-Johnny Depp was in the Movie)

    All these cost: £2.20!

    I was showing will power! I have a real weakness for buying books-Mr Sft calls it my hobby! :)

    Enjoy your holiday read, how special it came from a giveaway.


    Sft xx

  7. Mar; Kim got me a kindle so i'm going to download two or three books to it for my reading pleasure!!!

  8. dear Mary
    I love the book you're taking - a "pick up and put down" sort of book - great for travelling.
    I took "Salmon Fishing in The Yemen" for the flight to France and enjoyed it - took a while to get into Paul Torday's style of writing..... watched the movie on the flight back too!

    So nice to hear about you and Paula - thank you! My best friend lives in Brisbane we were at school together from the age of 10, and when we do catch up it's as tho we saw each other yesterday!!! I didn't have a sister either - sadly, as that is such a special relationship.

    I meant to comment on your clothes rack, that's such a great idea! I put things on the bed in the spare room, but it all becomes a bit of a jumble - I'm looking for a rack!!!!!!

    much love - have fun
    Shane xox

  9. A perfect travel book. Enjoy! I did.
    Happy reading and traveling.

  10. The choice of what to take to read on a trip is a serious one! I like to have a light book for the plane and then, if I'm on a cruise I'll just go to the library (right away!) to choose something a little meatier!

  11. This is why I have a Kindle. I have to have more than one book and I would go mad if I finished a book and had nothing left to read. Plus, I don't have to carry a heavy book(s).

  12. I love seeing all of your vintage books. I love to read a chapter or two before bed too. It helps me wind down.

  13. Your collection of vintage books is charming. I love to read, and considering which books to accompany me on a trip takes some serious thinking. Next time I travel via air I hope to have an e-reader because I read so quickly. I need one book for each flight, plus some for the vacation itself. Your selection looks interesting - I hope you'll let us know how it is.


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