Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stripes of distinction.................

Zebra - Equus burchelli

No animal has a more distinctive coat than the 
zebra and each animal's coat is as unique 
as fingerprints - no two are exactly alike. 
They are social animals spending their time 
in herds, grazing together on grass mostly.

Zebra at sunset on Mala Mala.

Prey for lions and hyenas, zebras are constantly on the lookout for danger. If an animal is attacked its family will came to its defense, circling the wounded zebra and attempting to drive off the predator.

 Drinking at water holes is a social gathering - note a vulture in the background.

 On these above you can see the Red-billed Oxpeckers searching for parasites on the back of the one in the center.

 Mother and child trotting through the golden Winter grass.

Zimbabwe zebras at Little Makalolo camp.

Zebras are fun to watch.................this post is especially for my young friend Kyle who loves zebras. I really hope some day he will get to see them in their natural habitat.  
Start saving for your safari to amazing Africa Kyle!


  1. Mary, they are beautiful animals! Thank you for sharing more about your trip. LOVE the pics!!


    PS: you had asked if that was my view to look out every day and, sorry to say, it is that of my sister in law's home. A gorgeous piece of land that is out the back deck. Isn't it great?

  2. Wow, Mary. Your photos are stunning. The zebras are incredible. I can imagine being there because of your goodness sharing your adventures.♥

  3. Great zebra photos - love the one rolling on its back:) The mother and baby one os gorgeous as well.

  4. Love this! God is so creative, isn't he?

  5. They are so exquisitely beautiful, Mary! Just gorgeous. I think they are amazing animals.


  6. Zebras are so beautiful! Seeing them like this in your photos is just delightful!

  7. Beautiful photographs Mary

  8. I'm so glad I had finally the time to see through your last posts properly!Always a pleasure.

  9. I would have loved seeing the zebras! I remember many, many moons ago when Lori's half brother was very, very small he asked why zebras did not have stripes down there! Trust a little boy to ask such a question!
    Hugs to you both!

  10. My wife & I were in Africa last August. We especially loved Mala Mala. Of the hundreds of pictures we did get we never got a good picture of the zebras. So we're driving around on the big Island of Hawaii in March when we past a fenced pasture with a zebra in it. We had to stop and get some pictures. Who would have thought in Hawaii. Makes me laugh. Love your posts.


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