Friday, August 17, 2012

Africa at the mall................

I don't shop the mall often. I really only go if there is something specific I need and it cannot be found anywhere else. When I do venture into one of those modern palaces, full of pretty things, I'm a bit overwhelmed, especially if there's been a lull in my mall trawling as there was this Spring and Summer. So many new shops, so many bright young things wearing the latest trends, so many fabulous things for home and body which one never even knew existed!

A few things caught my eye - I used my iPhone as I didn't have my camera.

This kitchen or outdoor chair is at Crate & Barrel. Another knock-off on the original French cafe-bistro version by Tolix. It was larger, a different shape, and more decorative than the plain original, very nice though. I have the ones that more closely resemble the originals in my kitchen and really enjoy them as they are easy to clean, light to move about, and slide easily across my Pergo flooring.

Wouldn't you know it, Le Creuset has a new beautiful color INK for their iconic cookware. I was oblivious to the fact they produce different colors for different stores......Crate & Barrel appear to be the only company selling this shade of blue, described as 'classic navy with undertones or charcoal and slate'. I love it and am adding two pieces, a large and small Dutch oven, to my wish list. With the prices being what they are I'm going to have to wish really, really hard to ever see these in my kitchen!
Meanwhile, I'll continue using my bright red Martha Stewart knock-offs purchased at Macy's.  
They've held up remarkably well for several years now considering the much more affordable price. Yes, I believe there was a recall on them sometime back but I didn't return mine. I've had no major problems with them so far.

I saw this pillow at PB a couple of weeks ago when shopping with my dear friend Vanessa. She's in nearby Durham, NC which has the best mall around - Streets at Southpoint. It not only has amazing shops such as Nordstrom (where I can't afford much but love to look!), but also Nordstrom RACK where I did find a few fantastic buys in the shoe department over the last year or so, and the huge free-standing Crate & Barrel. The mall's indoor section provides great browsing, the outdoor section is a fabulous place to walk for a little exercise, delightful fountains, and fun statuary of children playing etc.

Elephants, being close to my heart after seeing them and riding on them in both Africa and Thailand, are always welcome of course I had to purchase the pillow. The linen look fabric and red stripe are perfect with my other authentic French pillow covers. The excellent 'notes' on both African and Asian elephants on the back are very interesting and make turning the pillow around now and then a nice change.

In fact, this pillow was also the perfect gift for best friend Paula - I never know what to buy her! She has an amazing elephant collection from her many African safaris, and a dedicated 'Africa Room' where she displays the most beautiful art, books, sculptured elephants and other animals. Soon another pillow was also on its way to California............and she is pleased with it, yeah!

I was back at the mall with hubby last week on an errand and wouldn't you know it, PB called me through the doorway yet again and directed my eyes to this handsome guy...........the zebra, another animal I loved viewing on safari! Do we perhaps have the beginnings of our 'Africa Room', which of course is our 'everything room' in this small cottage?

Do you enjoy shopping, browsing and walking at a mall?

Do you use Le Creuset cookware? 
If so, have you had any issues with chipping or interior discoloration?  
Would you say it's worth the very high price?


  1. Love the elephant pillow and also that fabulous new colour in the Le Creuset range. I have a couple of their things, a small pan and a large covered casserole dish. The casserole is slightly discoloured inside but it doesn't affect the cooking and has been used very much over many years so no surprise really.They make wonderful casseroles and hold a large quantity too. I definitely might be tempted if that fabulous new colour ever appears in the UK!

  2. Love your new pillows! I would enjoy a mall like the one you have just described. Our mall in Asheville is very basic. No Crate and Barrel, no Pottery Barn. That is one thing I miss about living in Naples, Fl...there were wonderful shopping centers there.

  3. No beautiful cookware here. I think I would weaken over those pillows though. I rarely go to the mall anymore, except maybe the bookstore. I have been thinking I need to visit Macy's soon, as I am looking for a paraffin bath for my sore feet and hands. I have been told you can find something like that there. I hope so. How fun to have a fun mall to visit with your friend.

  4. Love the pillows! I've never tried that cookware before since I still have my Wolfgang Puck which I love.
    Take Care,


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