Saturday, August 25, 2012

Late Summer blues............

Lately the weather hasn't been great. 
The skies are often cloud covered, it's still hot and now more humid than the earlier weeks of Summer have been this year, and it rains almost every day.............often heavy, soaking rain. Making up for the dry conditions we had earlier, I know I shouldn't complain when many of you in the Midwest are so in need of rain. Lazy, sunny days of late Summer just aren't popping up, and each afternoon is a big let down with no porch sitting or gazebo gazing..........just staying inside the cottage away from the swarming mosquitoes whose numbers increase by leaps and bounds as dusk encroaches and more rain falls.

It rained most of the night. I awoke several times, listening until it lulled me back to sleep.
Perhaps today will be a beautiful one.......once over the somewhat dreary start. Feeling a nudge of soft, damp morning air as I opened the front door, I popped outside to take a few snaps of the open Morning Glories, still clambering up the front porch, their blue much bluer than the sky.

The next few days may be brighter. Afternoon tea in the gazebo is a possibility, even sipping an aperitif on the front porch without booming thunder, flashes of lightning, and soaking rain. Of course bug repellent will still be needed, but we know this is not a perfect world.

Please can we have just a few dry, sunny, old-fashioned late Summer days, before the children return to school next week, and unwelcome hurricanes consider heading toward our precious Carolina coast!


  1. We've had the worst summer in 16 years, Mary, so much rain.
    Your blue flowers are simply gorgeous though and I wish you sunshine & blue skies, to go along with your cocktails in the garden, before you leave on a jet plane for Cal.

  2. Our weather on this side of the state has been beautiful this week. Cooler temps, low humidity and little rain. I'll try to send it your way.
    Your morning glories are a welcome start to the day. They are one of my favorite flowers. Such a beautiful shade of blue. I have them growing outside the garage door, but so far haven't had a lot of flowers.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you are able to enjoy some porch sitting time this weekend.

  3. My 50 Davis Austin roses are hating the too hot and humid weather here in Michigan.Over 7 feet tall with lovely blooms and no leaves...UGLY..

  4. Summer arrived here in August and we've been enjoying blue skies for a few weeks. I haven't sat in the gazebo once yet, though, so I think it's time for a little spider-web clearing and a little sitting and sipping out there.

  5. Hot, dry days here, so you can send some of that rain our way. ;-)
    Afternoon tea in the gazebo sounds delightful. So I wish you blue skies to enjoy your porch and gazebo before you jet off to exotic places once again.........Sarah

  6. Such lovely flowers. They are just beautiful.

  7. Sipping an aperatif on a porch with flashing thunder sounds most exciting Mary. LOve your photo of those Morning Glorys with their palest blue silky blooms.

  8. Your flower is so pretty. Such a lovely shade of blue. We have been a little more fortunate over on this side of the state. We have had some afternoon rains, but not daily and the weather has been dry and pleasant. Hope you get some lovely weather soon.

  9. We are having exactly the same weather here, Mary. Cloudy, humid, not so much rain, but generally not the perfect summer ending we could want. We aren't having so much a problem with the mosquitoes as we are the flies. They are so annoying! I can't stand to sit outdoors either. We had little motivation to go to the lake this weekend because of the heat...

    I hope you get a chance to sip your tea in the gazebo, admire the last of the summer flowers.


  10. In May, your blog encouraged me to plant Morning Glory seeds for the first time. I must have planted exactly the same variety as you did, but the pictures above look a lot like the ones I've taken!!
    As for our weather here in Western Canada, not to make you jealous, has been beautiful! Perfect temperatures and lots of sun. I do have to say though, I'd love to experience a real good thunderstorm!! Oh, it's human nature to want the opposite of what we have been given :)

  11. Thank you for sharing these early morning glorious morning glories with us. Yes, that blue is very lovely and who can resist those heart-shaped leaves? Not I.

  12. Mary , I have been several times and read all about your trip to Africa and enjoyed all your fabulous photographs. I had problems leaving a comment , the iPad wants to spell words and then it freezes when I try to change words.
    Summer has been so strange here, you will know how much rain we have had! Glad to have had two weeks hot sunny days on holiday. Talking of holidays you are off on another adventure to Australia, you really are having an amazing time seeing the world and so many different places. You are so lucky, but wonderful you share all your trips with us.
    Did you manage to catch the Olympic games, wonderful to watch it and so lucky with the weather. Countryside looking very lush and green here. Today been doing some gardening. Your flowers have been lovely, you have green fingers.
    Hope you can enjoy some cooler days soon. Best wishes Eileenx

  13. My morning glories have grown & grown & vined & vined but to date I have not one. single. bloom. Not one! I'm hopeful though. Thanks for sharing yours. Simply beautiful :)

  14. Your morning glories are so beautiful.
    Do hope it clears up soon there for you.


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