Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Destination west - red rocks and waterfalls......................

When I started pulling out clothing appropriate for my upcoming trip to Australia I ended up with the hodgepodge shown here on the rack. Speaking of which, this item is a most useful and inexpensive buy from The Container Store - I'm loving it. I used it to organize the last few trips, setting it up in the guest room, then collapsing it and packing away in the storage area until now. I must admit that the above clothes have been changed several times since this photo was taken a few weeks back. Remember now, I don't mind packing, it's the choosing part that's so hard for me!

Of course editing will have to happen, no way can I get all this in that one duffel I plan to haul - shoes and boots for walking, riding, climbing, paddling (OMG, why do I always want to take so many), hats for shading red hair under the blazing midday sun, hiding wet hair if I decide to swim in a waterfall, along with the teetering pile of miscellany gradually growing underneath the rack. At least I can see what's there, much easier than working out of the hidden depths of a dark closet and numerous drawers.

Hey, wait a minute, did I just say Australia?
Sure enough I'll be heading there soon with Paula. I'll be meeting her in California, we'll fly to Sydney, then across that vast continent to Broome. This coastal area of Western Australia is called The Kimberley. To see the awesome scenery a boat is required to follow, and access, the coast north toward Darwin.

It's a thrill knowing that we'll be on the ORION again, the beautiful small expedition ship we took last year to visit the Sub-Antarctic IslandsWe journeyed from Auckland, New Zealand to Hobart, Tasmania, many, many nautical miles across an empty ocean, didn't pass a single ship on the way, but had such a wonderful expedition to islands such as the Antipodes and Macquarie.

It was late afternoon when I gazed across Hobart's waterfront from my hotel window watching Orion sail away.....I stayed until she passed from view and felt quite sad. The expedition to the Sub-Antarctic Islands had been such a thrilling experience. I didn't think I would ever have the chance to board this perfect small ship again.

I'll share more of this trip soon. If you've visited 
The Kimberley and have any tips for me, I'd love 
to hear from you. Please be kind and don't mention the heat, 
the size of the crocodiles, or the many venomous snakes, 
thanks so much!!


  1. I am not kidding. I know Paula needs another daughter or granddaughter! I volunteer!!

  2. How fantastic! Another adventure to look forward to. I spent the whole day of our trip packing (we left that evening). I hate the choosing part. And hubby kept insisting it would be cold in Koblenz. Actually, when we arrived early morning, the weather that day was cool and felt wonderful. But then the heat wave hit -- everyone kept telling us it was so unusual to have so many days in a row without rain. We only saw a bit of rain on our 4th day there, and then that made things muggy. It was nice to be out and about all day rather than stuck indoors like we are here. We did lots and lots and lots of walking. :) Happy mid-week to you! Tammy

  3. On the road again! I love your method for packing, that rack looks very handy. I am the queen of over packing! I look forward to hearing more about your trip and I am so happy you will be aboard the Orion again! :)


  4. I live vicariously through your many adventures ... this is one I would love to experience first hand! I've traveled to Fiji, New Zealand and to Australia .. visiting NZ North Island, AUS Gold Coast, rain forests and Sydney. Your journey sounds amazing and I can't wait to read all about it. I am slowly (deliciously) making my way through your last adventure!!!! Travel safe.

  5. Oh, how exciting. You girls don't let time slip away. I admire your enthusiasm and stamina for all this major traveling. Actually, Mary, I should think you have the packing down to a science now. ;-)
    Looks like another fabulous trip that will provide us wonderful images as we travel along in our chairs at home.

    Goody ~ Goody..........Sarah

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  7. You certainly are NOT letting the grass grow under your feet Mary! I bet you have the passport with the largest amount of pages too ;o) Crocs I could put up with - you can SEE them, it's the spiders that would worry me ;o)
    Great idea to put you clothes on that rail to sort before packing, but whatever you do don't forget that camera :o)
    Thank you for your sweet comments, it's so great to hear from you.
    Rose H

  8. Wondering if you have had to have your passport returned for more pages to be added to it? Many years ago I did that..Travel is such a life enhancer

    1. Yes, just did that! My passport is only two years old and I had just a couple of blank pages remaining so sent it off for additional pages last month. I have several more trips on the itinerary so will need plenty of space, especially the way they stamp every which way all over the book!!

      Looking forward to this trip - may be a bit warm but lots of time on/near water so should be OK.
      Thanks for stopping by, always love hearing from you.

  9. I love the way you are organizing your clothes for your trip Mary. That is a great idea! I am looking forward to you new adventure.

  10. Oh my, I only can wish I had your travel itinerary. How wonderful and exciting. Another lifetime adventure for sure.

  11. Your trip sounds interesting. Enjoy your stopover in Timor. Do not forget to buy some Broome pearls. Worth every cent and the history of this town is fascinating. I will be able to see the Orion from my verandah when you come into Darwin. I live right in the middle of the city. Why not plan on buying a crocodile skin wallet or belt? These are from locally farmed animals, although tanned overseas. Or a pretty stingray purse? Not farmed locally but lovely to use. Take lots of photos to share and write some magasine articles for the armchair travellers like me.

    1. Hello Louise and many thanks for the shopping ideas!
      I would love some of the beautiful pearls, but I may just have to look and wish!
      We already have an invitation to Paspaley in Broome before boarding Orion.

      Will wave to you when we dock in Darwin - we then go to Kakadu for a couple of days.
      How's your weather in September? Hot from what I'm reading - it's like that here all Summer too so I'm prepared.
      Hope to have lots to share about Western Australia when I return.

      Thanks for commenting - Mary

  12. i can't look at your clothes Mar - i have one day to pack when i get back adn i know something will be left home. But i'm taking shorter sleeves and shorts as it will be hot hot hot.

    1. You know you'll be ready, you always are! Because of you dear friend I now know how to travel and I have the luggage to prove it!!!!

  13. You need to come andn organize me. I'm 300 miles from home in smokey northern Cal and will have one day to pack when i get back. Don't really care if i forget something as long as it's not a camera!

    1. Yes, I'm bringing short sleeves and long shorts - much better than the reverse! Sorry the fires are still burning Paula, at least we should get plenty of fresh air once we get to Broome and trot along the beach!!!!!
      Your cohort in crime, Mary

  14. Wow, Mary - what a year you're having! I'll look forward to your posts from Australia.
    I wish you lived around the corner - I could use help choosing what to pack for a month in the UK - tame compared to your trip, but it's causing me stress!

  15. I've only been to the eastern part of Australia. I'm looking forward to reading about your trip-it looks so interesting.

  16. Oh, Mary, I can't believe you are off for another adventure! And on that wonderful boat again-how lucky are you.

    It will be just what I need when I venture back to school and suffer the 'low' of the Paralympics being over.

    Waiting for you to share more details.

    Sft x

  17. Make room in your suitcase, I'm coming with you.

  18. Oh Mary what a wonderful adventure you and Paula will have.
    You two must be perfect travel companions by now cos you still keep doing it!!!
    I will look forward to following your steps on this trip via your blog.
    I would love to do a trip around Australia in a 4 wheel drive, as friends of ours have done.
    My husband worked up the north/west cape years ago before we were married and he's not keen.... big wuss!!!!!
    Have fun
    much love

    1. Shane, Paula and I will have been best friends for 50 years come December! We were roommates in Washington, D.C. when we both emigrated from England to the US and, through all the years since, we've remained long distance best friends since she moved to the West coast. Getting together has meant meeting in all sorts of places across the country over the past we're able to travel together to these incredible countries around the world. I couldn't have a more wonderful friend to do it with. She's the sister I never had!!

  19. So, the two of you are off on an adventure again, you're like something out of Enid Blyton!!
    Lucky, lucky Mary & Paula.
    Once again I'll be travelling with you courtesy of your wonderful photo journals, when do you leave?

  20. Woman are you ever home?! Another adventure - how wonderful! I popped in to read your post today and realized I had missed something. So I've read back to here to discover you are off on another cruise (note touch of envy in typing) .... Enjoy! BTW, your butterfly pictures are beautiful.


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