Thursday, August 9, 2012

Return to Mala Mala, South Africa...........

Leaving Zambia for the South African part of our safari came with mixed feelings. Sad to leave people who have now become friends from two visits to Toka Leya where Wilderness Safaris are running an amazing camp, but thrilled to return again to private and very elegant Rattray's Camp at Mala Mala. There I was longing to show Bob the abundance of amazing wildlife, the awesome accommodations, and to introduce him to our friend and amazing ranger Gordon.

Me, Gordon and Paula ~ Mala Mala 2012
Note Gordon always carries the rifle when we are out of the vehicle.

Once again I was thrilled to stay in one of the eight fabulous khayas at Rattray's ~ having your own beautifully appointed bungalow is such a treat - I could easily move in permanently!

The very first day we were treated to viewing this group of lionesses lazily sunning themselves in the grass.

Plenty of giraffes roaming through the bush, oxpecker birds checking for bugs on their necks...........

........this young lady followed us down to the Sand River for a drink......

.........and then strutted her stuff, coming very close to our vehicle.  She was a real beauty.

Elephants were everywhere in the huge Mala Mala reserve..............every size too.

This lovely female approached our vehicle with raised ears (Mark in the front seat next to Gordon)but we spoke to her quietly and there was no problem.

No, this isn't the end........I have more great 
animal pics to share soon.


  1. Gorgeous bungalow! I'd love to move in myself! And being so close to the animals had to be such a thrill. Love all your photos!

  2. Glad it isn't the end, I just looooove these animals. That bungalow is gorgeous too!

  3. I remember you photos from the last time at that bungalow. That is so wonderful that you were able to stay there again!

  4. Mala Mala is my favorite place. Love the camp, the guides, the animals are unbelievable and to be that close is a thrill of a life time. Have been twice and hope to make it at least one more time.


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