Sunday, August 19, 2012

Things are looking up!

Giraffe - Giraffe Camelopardlis

The tallest animal in the world, the giraffe, with 
its long neck, is an unmistakable part of African wildlife. 
Its specific name, Camelopardalis refers to its size, 
"big as a camel", and its markings, "spotted like a leopard". 

Typically, these fascinating animals roam the grasslands in small groups of about half a dozen.

Our vehicle with Ranger Gordon spotting another giraffe with a small herd of female impala.

Giraffes use their height to good advantage, nibbling on leaves and buds in treetops that other animals can't reach, acacias being their favorite.

Mothers give birth standing up, the 5 foot drop being a rude welcome into the world for the baby! However, within half an hour it can stand up and within ten hours can run with its mother. 

This was the female beauty who spent time with us on beach at the Sand River on Mala Mala Game Reserve. I would love to have eyelashes like that!

Dedicating this post to my friend Linda here in North Carolina, she loves, and collects, giraffes.......Linda I would have brought her home for you if my bag was longer!


  1. Hello Mary:
    These are indeed wonderful animals and to see them in the wild, so to speak, must be very special indeed. And how interesting to know that they give birth standing up, something of which we were previously unaware.

    We have discovered your fascinating blog through Paul's and have signed ourselves as Followers.

  2. I have always been fascinated by giraffes. Your photos are amazing. I can only imagine what a thrill it must have been to observe them up close. How interesting to know that they give birth standing up. That does sound like a rude entry into the world for the babies. I'll bet they are as cute as can be.
    Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend, Mary. We've got a rainy one over here.

  3. Great post with great information and pictures...

  4. Mary, yes for eyelashes like that! And the long legs too! Such amazing animals that you experienced up close and personal.
    Interesting that their young are so active within hours of birth.
    Enjoy your Sunday............Sarah

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  6. Seeing them at zoos is awesome enough; I can't imagine seeing them in their natural habitat! Hope the two of you are doing great!
    Take Care,

  7. I fed a giraffe once, and it licked the food right out of my hand! Rough tongues with HUGE, BEAUTIFUL eyes!

  8. Wonderful, graceful images Mary :o)
    Rose H


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