Monday, August 27, 2012

Just looking....................

Sunday afternoon............a brief stop at SuzAnna's Antiques.  Hello dear Susie - missed you. Hugs also for sweet Jasmin (our granddaughter) back from her California vacation at the lake and working there on the weekends again. So many things teens need/want and earning their own money is important.  
I forgot to take a camera but had my iPhone to take a few quick snaps.  

Loved this little corner in the shop.......a juxtaposition 
of beautiful vintage things, once loved, perhaps treasured, against the old painted wood siding.

SuzAnna's Antiques..............just looking is always a step back in time, a chance to rest your eyes on little snippets of old beauty, loved and lost, or given away..............for someone else to enjoy.


  1. Hi Mary, I always love seeing photos of SuzAnna's.

    I've moved the blog to wordpress. Same URL, but you won't get updates via Google Friend Connect, so you might want to subscribe through Google Reader or something like that. Or just bookmark the darn thing!


  2. SuzAnna's looks like a fun place to spend the afternoon. I agree ~ that corner is charming.

  3. Nice! I do stop by my favorite antique mall sometimes just to rest my heart and mind and to fill it my heart and mind with JOY. Love the rough back wall effect.

  4. I love to "just look". You had alot of lovely things to look at!

  5. Perfect gown and super chandelier, what more could a girl need?
    Rose H

  6. Oh Mary
    I love it too!
    To think our grandparents all had those lovely old iron bedsteads in their houses.
    Goodness knows where they've all gone - I have seen them on a farm used as gates!!
    The boarded walls are wonderful too - we had those on our old house and veranda.
    Photos are amazing from your iphone - I thought you had touched them up with a photoshop type program!
    I do lots of "just looking" and enjoy every minute of it!

  7. hi! your blog is very nice!
    would u like to follow each other?
    it'll be great!)

  8. Wonderful things in that shop! It's always fun to browse with you! Thanks for your comments on my move as a child from Oahu to Midway. I am waiting till I get my new computer (on layaway) and can use my scanner again to scan some old Midway photos for a post or two.


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