Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mix it up at home...................

...............mix it together with wishes for prettiness,
longing for comfort, a huge love of the natural, well-used, 
tried and tested, then stir in a bucketful of patina.

Share how YOU shop for your home. With thoughts of Autumn days ahead you know the urge will return soon and you will want to titivate, fluff, rearrange, maybe even go shopping on a much-awaited cool morning. 
What is that one very special item you would love to find for your home?


  1. I love the way you decorate Mary. It is fun to go shopping with you. You have the best eye for spotting the perfect thing, that I would walk by and miss!

    I love shopping with friends, but I really love shopping alone when I am on the hunt for something special. At the moment, I am not looking for anything because it would be just one more thing to pack up again when we move.

    The one special thing I had been searching for a long time for, was the French confit pot I bought this past June while in Blowing Rock on our anniversary.

  2. I like to shop with a friend, if it's a friend who is on my 'wave length', otherwise I'm better off alone. On thing I'd like to find is the perfect kitchen table, to replace the rectangular one we're using now.

  3. Love your things, Especially the reflection of the dresser in the mirror.
    I rarely go hunting with list, but happen upon things on my bargain hunting travels :o)
    Rose H x

  4. I prefer shopping alone if I'm on a mission to find something in particular. Otherwise, I enjoy browsing with a friend (or a daughter or two). Just now, I'm searching for plates for a plate wall in my dining room. Whites and blues. I have one, so far.

    I really like your recipe for shopping.

  5. Your love for shopping and decorating shows in this lovely post, Mary! I am mostly a loner when I shop, a little inpatient when I have company (!!), but love when someone points out something I might have missed. My daughter is good for that. I'm looking forward to changing things up for fall, but I am squeezing more time out of summer now that we have cooler temps.


  6. Right now I don't have anything burning on the agenda to buy for my house. I do think of little things though that I know I might not resist, like transferware teacups and maybe a small pitcher, and a crown from France. Love going it alone most of the time, but then I don't have a friend that likes to shop like this. My husband loves tagging along at times, but then I love doing the searching for the pure joy and mental refreshing.

  7. Mary, your style makes me smile with delight. You certainly have a way of sharing beautiful images and words. Love the reflection in the mirror. I like to shop with a friend at times, but am totally happy to go it alone. Not looking for any thing special, but if the right secretary presented itself I'd be thrilled. ;-)

  8. A blue and white porcelain garden seat, with a price that tells me the seller doesn't know its value!

    I go thrift shopping with my sister every other Saturday. We also go to a store in the mall called Not Too Shabby - all used items - a lot of vintage, but other treasures too. We don't go to shops with new merchandise at all.

  9. Well, I would love to say how I love to shop at antique places, goodwill, etc. to find that just right piece, but sad to say our money has gone to the new roof! I think that covers my shopping for a long, long time!
    Take Care,


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