Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Scribble Picnic ~ EXPLORATION

Our creative host Michael has resurrected SCRIBBLE PICNIC following a busy
 summer when we took a break. I've missed you all and hope you are ready to
share your fantastic art again.
Here's my story and art piece for this week's theme - EXPLORATION.

In January 2013 I took a trip to explore the bottom of the world. 
My first thoughts were probably the same as what most people think. 

Why on earth would you want to go there?
Because my best friend Paula invited me to celebrate 
our 50 years of friendship on an Antarctic expedition. 
We followed British polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton's
 amazing January 1915 journey.

Isn't it all just white ice and snow?  
No, definitely not - think every shade of blue, green, and turquoise.

Isn't it freezing cold? 
In January it was summertime - temperatures were comfortable
 around 40F with light snow now and then.
Remember, no bad weather, just the wrong clothes. 
Travel always requires that you be prepared.

What is there to see? 
Icebergs, some over 2 miles long. Cobalt blue ice.
Hundreds of thousands of adorable penguins, stately black and
 white adults, and fluffy brown juveniles who will waddle up to you
 and peck your rubber boots.
Seals so fat and huge they make one actually feel petite.
Giant birds such as petrels and albatross flying overhead.
Barnacle covered whales spyhopping next to your Zodiac boat, 
 making eye contact - such a thrilling moment.

 It's too far away! 
Maybe not an afternoon sail, but two plus weeks on a fabulous 
expedition ship being waited on, fed well, talking to interesting people from 
around the world, and seeing incredible wildlife is fabulous, even in heavy swells.
OK, I admit crossing the infamous Drake Passage was more than swells!

Surely it's awfully dangerous!
Much in life is dangerous - driving in traffic, crossing the street,
eating contaminated lettuce, being robbed or worse in your own
comfy neighborhood. . . . . . and much more! 
Why pass up the chance of a life-changing, awesome adventure, breathing
 the cleanest air on the planet and sailing through the purest water, all because
 it's a little dangerous!

If interested in seeing more of my exploration of the Southern Ocean, 
Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and the Antarctica Peninsula, go HERE.

Meanwhile, consider joining us here at Scribble Picnic where you don't have to 
be 'an artist' (I'm not), but you can create something special to share with a lovely
 group of people from around the world.
Go HERE to read the FAQ's for the art co-op, then sign up and
join in. Hope to see you at the 'picnic' soon.

P.S.  For those of you who don't already know, I met up with Michael in
 Fort Collins, Colorado a few weeks back. Despite having followed each
 other's blogs for many, many years, we'd never met in person. 
Although too brief, it was an awesome time, and you can read my
 post on our time together HERE.

I am on my way to Canada - so am a bit late at the picnic!
Also, this hotel room is not the best place for WIFI so may have to 
leave my comments later, sorry!


  1. Wow you went to Antarctica? Thanks for sharing this piece, I am off to follow your travel link thanks.

  2. Mary, your polar exploration sounds marvelous. What a great friend to take you along on such an adventure. Thank you for the q&a's. Very informative. Enjoy your current exploration!

  3. Very cool stuff Mary :) I love the Q&A section!!! :) That's very sweet of your friend!!

  4. Ha, perfect, Mary. Totally glad you did that trip too as you well explained here...especially that whole idea of being waited on hand and foot. I could get very used to that, let me tell you. But then again, I would have been quite happy waiting on you and Bob too, actually. Truly. Let's not take so long to revisit this time, shall we? Whether you pop down here for the Derby or we venture that way, I hope it's sooner rather than later.

    Thanks again, Mary. Enjoy your CA travels. Beautiful, I'm sure.

  5. Mary,

    It's nice meeting you and I see that you live in a neighboring state. I'm in Knoxville, Tennessee in case you're wondering and if not, now you know. :) What a cool exploration indeed to the Antarctica! That had to be a pAwesome adventure and journey. I'm not a world traveling, heck I'm not much of traveler period unless I can get there by car. Anyhow, I'm hoping to get in on the Scribble Picnic action soon. Have a delightful weekend!

  6. I am in awe and terribly jealous of your trip to the Antarctic! What an amazing adventure it would have been as well as very memorable. You obviously love to travel, Mary. I really need to sit down and take a good long look through your blog. I enjoy living vicariously through the adventures of others being that I'm not a traveller myself. xx


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