Thursday, February 7, 2019

All that jazz. . . . . . . .

Not being into the local bar scene, a nice glass of wine at home seems to do
it for me these days, we have actually found ourselves heading out twice into town
 to a club for a drink - but mostly for the music!
Remember those days back when night clubs were awesome.
Cocktails, velvet curtains, sofas to lounge on, comfy ladies rooms, no TV
screens blaring out sports. . . . and often live music such as jazz or blues groups
with a songstress singing oldies with lyrics you could understand,
 and melodies that brought back memories of the great stage shows and
 classic movie musicals.

I guess the majority of today's younger 'clubbers' don't always go for this type of
 entertainment, but there are so many of us out there who can still enjoy an evening
 on the town at a place such as C.Grace in downtown Raleigh. 
It's underground and has the feeling of Prohibition-era. Entering through the
 door you are faced with a dark space which, as your eyes become accustomed,
show velvet hangings and art deco statues anchoring the corner stage. Comfortable
 seating at small tables and areas with sofas, and three sparkling bars where it's touted
 the best bartenders in town shake and pour. 
The crowd was interesting, all age groups, couples, singles, casual or dressed
to the nines. . . . . . . . . 

A peek inside the ladies room at C.Grace . . . . . . 

. . . . . and three ladies who enjoyed a couple of special hours together,
Cindi singing with her excellent musicians, and us enjoying every 
moment at the club on a chilly evening - Bob was with us also.

The back story here:  Cindi was Jasmin's Kindergarten teacher many years
ago - we knew back then she had amazing musical talents, voice
and piano, as well as being a great teacher. 
Jasmin is musical and sang in and directed her HS chorus.
She's a first soprano, loves jazz - you may recall she asked us to 
take her to New Orleans for her 21st birthday gift in 2017. Front row
seats at Preservation Hall were part of the trip and we had a ball there, 
also listening to street jazz and visiting other jazz venues.
As for me - I got to know Cindi well during those Kindergarten days when
I read to her class on Wednesdays, and was always addressed as 'Jasmin's
 Grandma.' Cindi is retired from teaching now - back in 
November, we bumped into her at the grocery store and she told us she was
 singing with a jazz group at this club on certain nights. We immediately made
 a date to go and had such a fun time. Last week we went a second time and
 Jasmin tagged along. . . . .needless to say it was so much fun to get together.


  1. Sounds a great evening Mary - I haven't done anything like that for years and years, and I love the fact that you and Jasmin met up with her Kindergarten teacher known to you as well.
    When we were young we all used to hang out at a Jazz Club in our local town once a week - it was filled to capacity with all of our friends and acquaintances, and at that time it was the trendy place to be. I do remember that we girls thought that we were the tops wearing our new accessory of a "headband", sometimes called a "headache band" which we wore around our foreheads - do you recall those too?

    1. Yes, it was a lovely time, especially as the customers were mostly dressed as if going out 'on the town', no shorts or tank tops (which people here in the south still wear in the winter on warmer days!).
      Being taken back in time with Cindi singing some great oldies, and great musicians backing her - mostly retired guys except for the drummer - was relaxing for a couple of hours.
      Not sure about the headbands - perhaps I'd already moved here by the time you wore those. I do know I was possibly the first gal in Washington, D.C. sporting a pair of killer black patent leather 'winkle picker' shoes from Mansfield - that would have been in 1962. Remember them - and of course mini skirts, back then I had the legs for them, haha!!!!

    2. Oh yes! I remember winkle pickers, and believe that mine also came from Mansfield's. I was so proud of them, mine were a pearly soft leather in a pewter colour and I stuffed the ends with cotton wool so that they wouldn't become distorted and curl upwards.

  2. I would love this, the ambiance and music would have me swooning. Love jazz. How special to go there with Jazmin and hear her kindergarten teacher sing.

  3. No, I do not remember the time when night clubs were like that - my first experiences with nights out as a teenager were with discos; I did not drink alcohol back then but did as much dancing as I could, of course not to live music. But I do love live music and have just last night been to a great concert with a friend; it was meant to be with my sister but unfortunately, she had to stay home with a big fat cold.
    Your evening out sounds fantastic, and I dare say this was not the last time you went there!

  4. glad you have the joyful evening.
    have a great day

    1. Thank you, it was fun.
      Today quite cold again here after a warm week! Crazy winter!

  5. Sounds a great place .... I love the atmosphere of a dark club with velvet, sumptuous wall hangings and good music.... takes me back to my clubbing days. How lovely to go and hear Jazmin sing ... so special. Love that all three of you are in black !!! Girls after my own heart. Love your nail varnish as well Mary. XXXX

    1. Jackie, it was a fun time and the atmosphere so great. Nice to have place where one can still dress up a bit and not feel like the odd one out! That is my winter season varnish - not black but a very dark burgundy with a little shimmer - and I have my nail gal add one silver line to the finger where I always wear my silver rings!

  6. It sounds like a really fun evening, Mary, with good music and a great venue. Dressing up is so rare for anyone these days that it's nice to have an occasion to do so.
    Now I'm off to look up "winkle pickers" that you and Rosemary discussed.


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