Saturday, February 2, 2019

Friendship. . . . . . .

I've been rising a bit earlier lately on many mornings.
I like waking when the house is still as if buried under a soft blanket, 
dark and silent, all sounds muffled . . . . . . . . . . . . .most recent mornings
 being chilly, however this one beautiful with sunshine and promised warmth.

Bright Saturday in the southeast, and plans for a meeting with a very dear
friend and her lovely daughter this afternoon. 
Many of you who've followed me over the years will remember Vanessa, my
special younger friend originally from Brazil. We met via our blogs, then
spent several years treasure hunting together to stock our shared booth
at SuzAnna's Antiques, as well as painting furniture, shopping the fun stores
 such as Anthropologie, baking and drinking coffee. . . . . .and hanging out
 together almost every week.
When she and her family moved away to Charlotte, NC a few years back, we still
 managed to meet up now and then, but I have really missed her and all the fun
 things we used to share. In all honesty, she made me feel young again!
Now they are moving to California in a few weeks. . . . . . .so much farther away.
Getting together will be even harder - but we will hopefully now and then!

Early morning light in February

This morning I quickly designed a new header for the blog - I just
felt in need of a little change. This is the month of the year I usually
dislike most - just something missing and it brings me anxiety.

Seeing Vanessa's always brilliant smile, and sweet Luna now almost twelve
 (she was in a stroller when we first met!) always with a glowing happy look 
on her sweet face, will be cheering despite having to say goodbye. . . . . . 
 for perhaps a long while this time.

Friends and friendship, a very special part of life.


  1. You travel so often, and a lot further away than California; just make Vanessa's the destination of some of your next trips :-)

  2. Absolutely true! What would we do without our friends. Have a marvelous time getting together with Vanessa and Luna. It's a good thing that there are so many ways to keep in touch in this day and age. Lovely blue on that hutch...

  3. Your new header is lovely. Have a wonderful time with your friend!

  4. Hi Mary :) That's tough. Saying goodbye is difficult when you love someone so much. But in our day and age, you can still hang out a Skype call and bake something together! Just an idea! :)

  5. Dear Mary,
    Are you crocheting that beautiful lace? I love your new header. It's good to make a change now and then isn't it. I changed my Etsy header the other day and learned a few new tricks while working on it.
    P.S. I would love your potatoe and leek soup recipe.

  6. Saying goodbye to friends is always so hard but maybe you can go visit very soon.

  7. I'm so sorry that your friend is moving far away. When my favorite neighbor-friend moved to Washington about 5 years ago, it was really hard to "let go". I've only seen her once since then. I hope you see your friend more often than that!

  8. Mary, I too remember Vanessa! Yes, friends and friendship are truly a blessing in our lives. It takes a real effort to keep a friendship going across the miles, but worth every ounce of time and effort. One of my dearest friends moved east coast after her husband finished his PHD here at UT. First they moved to Memphis, then Kentucky, and finally to Rhode Island. With each move we continued to stay in contact. We made an effort to visit each other every year. Once her boys were in school, we would take a brief vacation together. It seems the years evaporate. Her boys are now each working on their own PHD, and our friendship has remained steadfast. Friendships are important!

  9. I do remember Vanessa. How sad that they are moving further away from you. It will just give you more reason to travel west from time to time. Love the new header. I keep thinking I need to do that too, but it is like relearning how to do it every time I change it.


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