Sunday, February 10, 2019

Strictly Southern. . . . . . . . . .

Southern version of the 'cooked breakfast' for me this morning. . . . . a tasty
egg biscuit
 I only indulge when I bake fresh biscuits.

A change from toast and marmalade or a steaming bowl of oatmeal.
Sunday morning - gloom now changing to sunshine  - just below freezing
 but warming up - birds everywhere looking for their morning meal.

Do you eat breakfast? 
Supposedly the most important meal of the day!
What's your favorite morning treat?


  1. Mmmmm....that looks so yummy and tempting! Biscuits happen to be my very fav breakfast food. I love it with eggs, jam, bacon, etc. Happy Sunday to you and Bob

  2. I'm usually in too much of a hurry to eat breakfast but I always manage a cereal bar or a yoghurt, washed down with some fresh orange juice.

  3. That looks delicious! I can't eat for a few hours after I get up (I've always been this way), but I at least start with a Lara bar and a cup of coffee. Later I might have a piece of toast (usually GF) with almond butter and fruit, or a smoothie made with almond milk, banana, frozen mixed berries, hemp seeds and baby spinach...other times, avocado toast (sometimes with an egg on top) or just a handful of raw almonds and a banana. One day last week when my hubby was home during the week, I made us Malt-o-Meal! I don't think either of us had had that since our kids were little. I doctored it up by putting nuts, seeds and fruit on top.

  4. Yes, I eat breakfast. Day in and day out, I eat a poached egg on toast. I find it the most satisfying and it takes me to lunch without getting hungry.

  5. My weekday breakfast consists of a small bowl of muesli, that keeps me going until lunch break which is usually spent with my clients at their canteens. On weekends, O.K. and I love to start with a leisurely first cup of coffee in bed, then whatever tickles our fancy - fresh fruit and creamy joghurt, or a savoury breakfast with eggs sunny side up, bacon and toast.

  6. My favorite morning treat these days is honey Greek yogurt with fresh berries and good quality granola along with the tea of the day.


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