Saturday, February 9, 2019


Today we had to remove the cushions from the front porch chairs!
As they are usually protected in all weather we don't store them away in winter.
This past week I was able to sit out there one afternoon enjoying my
current lovely book, Anuradha Roy's second novel on modern India, 
The Folded Earth, along with a cup of tea, in the unbelievable warmth of
 a very unseasonal February day.
I admit that continuing shoulder pain has me doing less heavy lifting
 and moving, instead more reading, thinking and listening to music. 
Feelings of guilt about much needed housework are being overcome.

The grey squirrel.
Cute? At times.
Naughty? Always.

Right now they are busy in their nests up high in the oaks -
babies will be arriving this month.
Today, one refuses to leave my cushions alone, chewing through the 
covers and trying to pull out stuffing!  Perhaps wanting to line a nest
for a newborn - which is a delightful thought - but please not with my
rather expensive cushions!

They seem to eat nonstop - I guess climbing those tall trees requires a lot of energy.

It's hard to get a photo of a squirrel who isn't nibbling on something.
Bulbs, bird seed, bird suet, nuts, camellia buds, tulips - they'll bite off the
newly opened flowers and you end up with just a row of stems - acorns, and
 now chair cushions.  Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend.  
We've cooled down quite a bit but have lovely
sunshine today.


  1. Darling photos of those pesky squirrels. I wish that they weren’t so destructive. i have purchased four sets of cushions in the past few years because of them and had to have a squirrel cage installed on my chimney. And I had to replace a roof where they were munching away. I really would like to find a way to coexist. 😏 If you find that way, let me know. In further commiseration with you, I also have a shoulder giving me trouble. Everything I do takes three times as long from getting dressed to vacuuming the carpet.

  2. Yes, squirrels can be very naughty! I guess you're going to have to store those cushions away until winter is over! Hard to believe you can sit outside this time of year. I am officially going stir-crazy and longing for the days where I can sit on my front porch or patio again. I feel for you with the shoulder pain and not being able to do things - I had a rotator cuff tear a few years ago and it was awful. Now I have impingement in my other shoulder.

  3. Great photos of the squirrels, nuisances that they are. They are fun to watch. Too bad about the cushions. I'm glad it's been warm enough for you to enjoy your porch already. We are in the midst of an arctic outflow - very cold and wild winds. (Cold for our area!). I hope your shoulder improves soon. Hugs, Lorrie

  4. Of course the squirrels don't know the difference between your rather expensive cushions and any other material that is good for lining a nest - as long as it is soft and good to handle, it will do, and it has nothing to do with naughtiness - they just do what nature supposes them to do, make sure their babies have everything they need, including well-nourished parents who can look after them better than if they had to look for food all the time after their birth.

  5. Squirrels are cute but not when they eat your cushions !!! There was something on the news yesterday where restaurants are putting squirrel on the menu to keep the grey squirrel population down !!! Doesn't appeal to me but I think that's because we are not used to it ..... we eat lots of other animals so why not squirrel I suppose !!! XXXX

  6. Our squirrels don't seem to bother our cushions, thank goodness! Hoping your shoulder feels better soon.


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