Friday, February 1, 2019

Cooking with a special loved one. . . . . . .

In all honesty, I really dislike mobile phones.  

They have changed our way of life in more ways than I could ever write about here, 
some for the better perhaps, but mostly for the worst when it comes to leading a
truly happy, peaceful, and yes, old-fashioned way of life without constant interruptions.
You may not agree with my thoughts, which is quite alright of course. 
Many of you are younger than me and you have grown to adulthood with the
 ability to process your daily life with what a phone in the hand, pocket or bag allows.  
Anyway, this not a post about phones and, truth be known, every now and then the
phone does 'ping' with a welcome message as it did for me early on a recent morning.

"Grandma, I woke up this morning craving a bowl of your leek and potato soup. 
Do you think you could share your recipe with me please?"

So Jasmin and I got together a few days later and made soup here in the cozy
 January kitchen. The light was bright and the cold outside was forgotten
 as we chopped potatoes and sliced those lovely green and white leeks. 
I showed her how important it was to make sure leeks were washed well
 to rid them of any hidden dirt. This particular soup is so easy and then
 so delicious - another of those 'comfort foods' we recently discussed.

Photo via iPhone by Jasmin

For Jasmin and Bob bowls of homemade goodness for lunch along with
 an oven-warmed French baguette. I had no time to eat or take photos
 as I had a PT appointment to get to. 

Photo via iPhone by Jasmin

That same evening I enjoyed my bowl of comfort, in quiet comfort by the fire,
feeling good that a 'cooking class' took place and hoping it happens
 more often as all young people should learn to cook. . . . . . . and while
doing so will hopefully put aside their phones!

Do you agree?
Have you given your children/grandchildren cooking lessons?


  1. I love potato-leek soup! I made it just a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing how just a few quality ingredients can make such a delicious soup, isn't it? And that is so wonderful that Jasmin came over to cook with you and then actually sat down with you to enjoy a bowl of soup. Tim never really cooked when he lived here at home (except for scrambled eggs and bacon, lol) but now that he's living on his own, he's been cooking. Couldn't believe it when he told me the other day that he made chicken and rice soup. Maybe it was from simply watching me in the kitchen and asking questions. I hope that someday I'm blessed with a grandchild...and that I can pass down my love of cooking and some of my recipes to him/her. xoxo

    1. Your Tim sounds like a great catch - I love a man who is a good cook, although don’t have one of my own! Bob is definitely not handy with a sharp knife or a cookbook, but I decided to keep him anyway 😉

  2. My boys grew up learning how to cook. Good thing, because one never married and two others have wives that don't cook! I love leek and potato soup. What a great morning that must have been. Love your wellies mug!

    1. Jasmin actually picked out that cute mug from Anthropologie for me a couple of years ago - I love it. She always knows exactly what I will enjoy!

  3. I love potato-leek soup too! Our three grown kids all know how to cook and really enjoy it! They all learned from me! Now our grandchildren enjoy cooking and baking, love it! It's a great thing to be in the kitchen when they are all here, it's a blast!
    Have a great weekend~

  4. So much fun! I think you must have really loved the day. I have not given cooking lessons unless baking cookies counts.

  5. The potato and leek soup class sounds like a lovely time together with your granddaughter. I taught our three children to cook, and they all do very well. Our son has attempted some very complicated dishes, with success! Hope the PT appointment went well.

  6. My children never wanted cooking lessons. My son likes to experiment now with spices. Sometimes his experiments are good and sometime not so good. How wonderful that Jasmin wanted to make soup with you. I haven't made leek/potato soup this winter, I must rectify that. Hope PT went well, it can really make a difference sometimes.

  7. Hi Mary :) I have Potato and Leek soup planned for tomorrow! Coinky-dinky! ;)
    I don't have kids...just the fur variety so I won't be giving cooking lessons lol...but I do agree with the phone. I very much appreciate it when I'm out driving around here. If my car broke down in mid-winter on the highway, I'd have to wait for a police officer to stop and help me out. Or walk miles to get home. So having a phone is good for safety.
    I was at the doctor the other day. EVERY person in the waiting room was glued to their phone screen, I found it quite pathetic!


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