Tuesday, February 12, 2019

LOVEly week - Photo No: 2

My introduction to ice skating was mostly heading down a slippery slope!  
Or perhaps more of a lumpy, bumpy ride. It was outdoors on a freezing night
 on the magnificent Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C.
Frozen solid, it welcomed me to the cold winter of 1962, just after I arrived to
live in the Nation's Capital.

I bought a pair of ice skates attached to real white leather boots - something
 I'd longed for since a child.  
One time on the pool was enough to make me understand why they built smooth 
surfaced ice rinks, running Zamboni machines to keep them that way for
figure skaters, ice dancers and hockey players.
 I gravitated to a rink, never becoming much of a skater myself. . . . . . but I still
 love to watch others twirling on the ice.

How nice it would be to go ice skating with a smiling red cat!

One of many in the series of fantastic cat wall paintings along what has been
 nicknamed, 'Cat Alley', a narrow brick-walled street taking one to the public
 library in my husband Bob's home town of Manchester, New Hampshire.


  1. A great image Mary nicely linked into your skating memories from 1962 - hope you are enjoying these LOVEly few days as they lead up to ❤️day. Are you doing anything special on Thursday? - we shall be treating ourselves to lunch in a favourite local restaurant.

    1. A catchup lunch with my best friend of 32 years here in Raleigh who recently lost her dear sister - didn't realize we planned it for Valentine's Day! OK though as she's alone - Bob and I may do something later, light supper or just sit by the fire with a bottle of bubbly!
      Enjoy your lunch out.
      Love, Mary

  2. What a happy cat! I grew up on a lake in Michigan and learned to skate at about 3 years old.

    1. Yes, probably had a nice solid lake up there Penny - bet you were an ice champion!
      Hugs - Mary

  3. Never would have expected to find a red cat! Oh i had plans to be an accomplished ice skater myself. Alas, my ankles are weak and that just isn’t a good look. How fun to skate in Washington, D.C.

  4. I love discovering wall paintings. This is a fun one. When I was young I did love to ice skate at a rink on the shoreline in San Francisco. What a thrill to glide over the ice.

  5. What a great tie in to your skating memories. One year, for my birthday, I and my siblings received ice skates. I never did relax on the ice, nor enjoy it very much, although I skated almost every winter. I admire those who are so graceful and accomplished on the ice. Have a LOVEly week!

  6. That is a fun picture, so cheerful!


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