Thursday, August 27, 2015

A late Summer day at home. . . . . . .

This is today on the front porch.
Morning glories still appear early, twining around whatever they can grab on the porch. Yesterday I had to trim them back a bit as they were engulfing everything.
It's still very warm hereabouts, and the trees across the cul-de-sac remain green and full, however just here and there I see a few leaves turning color and thoughts of Autumn are running through my mind.
The figs are just about gone and picking is over. Just a few left on the topmost branches where we can't reach but the birds and squirrels can feast. Now and then I see a squirrel run off with a whole juicy fig in it's mouth, looking for a hiding place to nibble in comfort.

It's been a less than perfect Summer in my garden when it comes to color. Many plants succumbed sadly. The weather has not cooperated, too hot, too dry, so the arrival of the bronze, gold, orange and red shades of Autumn will be welcome. 
I changed my flag today - put away the sunflowers and hung the colorful birds feeding. Our hummingbird Ms. Ruby is still arriving constantly at her feeder on the porch, many other garden birds have stayed with us all Summer and are here year round. We stopped filling our feeders near the fig trees to keep birds away whilst harvesting fruit, soon we'll treat them to good quality mixed seed again as we love to watch them through the cooler months. I'm surprised to see one of our little Carolina wrens already tucking into a hanging Boston fern on the porch - it arrives at dusk, sings a song, and flies up from the porch rail into the basket, just like other years, but this seems much earlier in the season. Perhaps my favorite tiny bird is claiming it early for cold nights ahead.

Speaking of which, I'm feeling a tiny bit of a change in the late evening and morning air, aaaaaah, lovely.
Autumn can't arrive too soon for me. . . . . . 
and I'll be spending part of it 'across the pond' - more on that later!


  1. We are going to put out a bird feeder next month. I am looking forward to seeing who will visit it.

  2. Hello, Mary -
    I am back, and I need catch up here. You've just reminded me to pick up a couple of bird feeders. Our old ones were looking very shabby, so I retired them. And since we were gone most of the summer, our poor birdies have been very neglected. Love your flag, by the way! And you are traveling, again? Tell us more!
    Hugs to you and Bob!!

  3. Your front porch looks like a peaceful, lovely place to spend some quiet time.

  4. Your photos are beautiful, Mary. My morning glories are still blooming and growing, too. I love to watch how far they can reach in a day. Love the colourful flag. Don't you just love the song-birds. :)

  5. Front porches - conjures up so many happy things. In my case, it will be a back porch. Will have to holler across the pond to say hello. What a wonderful trip coming up!

  6. Mary, glad you are feeling a bit of change towards fall. I wish I could say the same for TX. I'm ready for crisp, cool days!
    I've been thinking about your upcoming trip with joy in my heart for you and Bob. Lovely to be in England and France in the fall.

  7. I know summer can be so hot in your area. Here in northern IL, we've had a very pleasant summer. Too rainy at first, but then back to lovely summer weather. Not too many over-the-top hot days. So I don't want it to end...not that I do anyway. I love summer. Our winters are so brutal here that I'm in no hurry to rush the cooler weather. I didn't know you had fig trees in your area. I love figs!

  8. I believe the birds are preparing. We are finding walnuts and acorns all over our yard. It is suppose to start cooling tomorrow and maybe rain in the next few days. Our grass and gardens really need to rain. Hoping the birds and squirrels enjoy the figs.

  9. I'm feeling subtle changes in the air and I see the sun coming through the blinds later each morning. I love to have some time on the patio after dinner and the sun is setting too soon for me!

    Lovely pictures. Stop by-I've posted wedding/family pics! :)

    Jane x

  10. Love autumn....hummingbirds, wrens et al! Looking forward to your 'across the pond' adventures! England and France....Wow! We lived in Paris for a period a few years back....played at living the French life!! And London and the UK I just adore! Could go back in a flash! I wish!!!!!!



  11. That little cherub is enjoying his sleep. A clear conscience, I'll bet :-)


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