Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gathering in the Hydrangeas. . . . . .

This has been such a disappointing Summer regarding the hydrangea blooms.The exceptionally cold Winter here in the southeast, followed by a torrid, parched Summer which seems endless, has everything and everyone suffering a malaise. Even as I write, afternoon temperatures are still reaching the mid-90's in central North Carolina - this has meant fewer blooms of a much smaller size, and the colors fading earlier than usual.

A couple of weeks ago -

All my hydrangeas are blue, either Nikko Blue or Endless Summer. 
They are old bushes and were cut almost to the ground when house painting took place several years back. 
They soon rebounded and the past couple of years did well. I was able to cut huge bunches for drying and sharing with friends.

This past weekend they were starting to fade fast to beautiful shades of chartreuse and pink, so I decided to start cutting in hopes they will dry and remain pretty for the Winter months. Some are already too far gone, turning to brown and looking wrinkled and old. . . . . rather like the gardener, yours truly! These, facing inwards towards the front porch have been saved from sunburn and they are now here. . . . . . 

. . . . . . . . on the dining room table and hopefully will dry gently and hold their petals without curling and crinkling.

How about you? 
Are you in an area where your hydrangeas have fared well through the Summer months?  
Will you be cutting and drying to make Autumn and Winter displays for your home?
I strip all leaves and put mine in just a little water, 
leaving them until it evaporates, then letting them 
dry naturally, this usually works well.
Any tips on saving lovely hydrangeas are always appreciated.


  1. They look beautiful in the white vase. I don't have any hydrangeas here at this new home :-(.

  2. Just so so. They are my favorites though.

  3. My one plant did not do well, either. Too hot and too much rain. Your bouquet looks beautiful, though and that blue and white plate is a real show-stopper. :) Deb

  4. I think your hydrangeas are beautiful and it's great that you were able to cut some for drying. Mine are just blooming now and won't be ready for cutting for a couple more weeks when they get that first pink blush. I'll have to remember to cut some before our next trip as they will be gone beyond when we get back. I've never cut my Endless Summer blue one as it has few blooms and they have rusted early. Pouring rain today so they will be in even worse shape. xx Pam

  5. I love them but they sure wouldn't fare well here. In the past year or so, I've noticed that the florists are bringing them in which they never did before.

  6. Mine were a bit of a disappointment this year too, Mary. But I think I'll still hunt around and see what I can find to dry. Your arrangement looks gorgeous. I still have some on my dresser that I dried last season. I was happy to see that they held their blue color. I use the exact same method to dry them. It seems to work well.

  7. Mary...your home looks beautiful and so loved! And those hydrangeas....chartreuse, palest blue, brown, withered, crinkled or small....are divine!!! Very 'wabi sabi'....I love the beauty of perfect imperfection.

    How about a little assemblage of withered hydrangeas attached to a twig under one of your domes? Wouldn't it look beautiful.

    My goal is to grow a white summer project! I'm going to see if they'll grow in my new townhouse garden....but the soil will need some work first. I have lots of shade....but the soil is all clay! Yuk!

    We're moving into spring here in Brisbane....and already I'm feeling that wonderful warm air that all gardens love. But Mary....will I be able to wear my new Blonde Venus ensemble before it gets too hot????



  8. In our district we have some Hydrangea growers who export the flowers. Near the end of the season the older dried blooms are also exported ( to Asia ) as" Antique blooms."

  9. Mine look about like yours. I really must go cut some. Pretty much I do the same thing.

  10. I love hydrangeas and yours are lovely!!

  11. Hydrangeas don't do well here, Mary, but they are some of my favorites. I started to buy a bunch last weekend because they were heirloom, the kind that will dry. At $15 for a bouquet of three, I walked away. ;-)
    Good luck with the drying process. They will look lovely in your home.

  12. Dear Mary, I love Hydrangeas. Yours are beautiful and so are your photographs. Our winters are too cold to grow them in my garden.
    Have you tried dipping them in Alum before you place them in a little water?

  13. Sorry your hydrangeas haven't done well this year. I love the photos though of the yield you did get! Very pretty! I also used to love to dry them and keep them for as long as possible in my home.


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