Monday, August 3, 2015

Plymouth and Pirates. . . . . . . . . .

Still a little more on the recent trip to England.
After crossing Dartmoor on our day out with my friend Jackie, we 
continued on to the city of Plymouth for a flying visit and lunch.
Below is a little of the history of this important English city.

The first settlement in PlymouthDevon, goes back to the Bronze AgeIt continued as both a fishing and continental tin trading port through the late Iron Age into the Early Medieval period. With its large natural harbor and easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, Plymouth found wealth and strategic importance during the establishment of British naval dominance in the colonization of the New World. In 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers departed from Plymouth to establish the second English colony in America After the Restoration a Dockyard was established in the nearby town of Devonport. Throughout the Industrial Revolution Plymouth grew as a major mercantile shipping industry, including imports and passengers from the USA, whilst Devonport grew as a naval base and ship construction town, building battleships for the Royal Navy. During World War II in a series of air-raids known as the Plymouth Blitz., much of the city and dockyard were destroyed. Following the war the city centre was completely rebuilt to a new plan.
via Wikipedia
Smeaton's Tower Lighthouse on Plymouth Hoe.
The Hoe is the natural heart of Plymouth with breathtaking views across 
Plymouth Sound, one of the most perfect natural harbors in the world.
Sir Francis Drake, intrepid explorer and local hero, immortalized in a statue on the Hoe.
Go HERE for more information on this amazing British sailor.

Jasmin was interested in the Barbican area where the 
Mayflower set sail for America in 1620 carrying the Pilgrim Fathers
to the 'new world'.

More memorable than the local history perhaps, were these 'pirates'.
They were celebrating a birthday in the downstairs bar of the lovely pub 
where we enjoyed delicious fish and chips upstairs. Granddaughter Jasmin. 
had a laugh - I love this pic of them all together, and I know
 it will bring back Plymouth memories for her later in life


  1. I love seeing a bit of history, but especially seeing Jasmin with the pirates. How fun for her.

  2. I'm not sure who had more fun; you or Jasmin.

  3. Long time since I have been there, makes me want to return for a visit

  4. Those are truly wonderful pics. how fun for you and her. I so loved reading that plaque too and seeing the pirate pic. :) Smashing.


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