Friday, April 26, 2019

Chickadees - they're back!

Recently, I mentioned it appeared the Carolina chickadee pair had decided
 not to nest in the little 'Home Sweet Home' box on the porch this spring. 
Wow, how wrong I was, and how these tiny creatures never cease to amaze me.

There is now daily activity.
Quietly, the pair of tiny birds have built a nest!  

After cleaning the front porch, the pollen season just about over,
 we've been sitting outside on the last couple of beautiful calm, warm
evenings - sipping an aperitif after several hours working in the garden -
and watching this little guy bringing green grubs to the nesting box, 
obviously feeding the female who must be sitting on eggs.

Before popping into the box he sits here, makes a tiny chirp to advise her 
of his arrival, flies in and then back out in about 30 seconds and takes
off to resume his search for supper.
Note, no Boston ferns in my hanging baskets yet!

This is probably the fifth year the chickadees have nested in this now
somewhat weathered little house!

"In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence."
. . . . . . Robert Wilson Lynd ~ 1879-1949


  1. So glad they are back! We still have a lot of pollen here. Hopefully with todays rain and high winds it will finally be knocked down and we can clean our deck and porch.

  2. Fabulous photos of the Carolina chickadee bringing a big fat green grub for his lady - loved the Rose-breasted grosbeak with a background of bluebells too.

  3. Beautiful photos, Mary. Aren't they the sweetest.

  4. What an amazing sight while sitting on your porch. I am loving these little birds that next in your box.

  5. What fun to be watching the action while enjoying your apertifs. Your photos are AMAZING. So glad they have returned once again.

  6. That is great news! I am glad you got to see them before you embark on your next trip. And as usual, your photos are PERFECT.

  7. That quote is so perfectly true. I am glad that your chickadees are back. I have a special fondness for these birds myself.


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