Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Kitchen notes -

The deer came by the other evening and nibbled on my roses - took all the lovely
 buds forming on the Peace rose (which made me so mad) in front of the porch,
 and many of the red Knockout rosebush buds by the front steps. They come right
 up to the house apparently! These are also Knockouts but off a large bush now
 blooming near the birdhouse which they must not have discovered yet. . . . . . or
 perhaps don't like the flavor of pink!

Speaking of flavor and munching. . . . . . . . . 
Many years ago I said "no more kitchen gadgets, I have no space to keep them."

A few weeks ago, while in our nearby 'Sur La Table' shop, I broke down
and allowed the manager to talk me into this one, she said she loved hers.
 I was actually looking at the spiralizer attachment for my KitchenAid mixer, 
but refused to pay over $100 for that, especially as I would not use it daily.
Want to make more veggies like my zucchini above - think healthy alternative
 to real pasta as we're really trying to cut carbs!
Recently I purchased a small container of pre-made 'zoodles' at the grocery
 store. They were not good, watery, doubtless had some
 type of preservative added, and grossly overpriced.
This OXO Good Grips version (they do make great items), with
 three different blades, was so much cheaper (under $40) and so easy to
use and clean - I'm enjoying it. Now if I can just find a place to store it!!!

Here's OXO's great video showing how much fun this gadget can be.


  1. My husband loves kitchen gadgets more than I do. I have to stop him from getting every single one that catches his eye. He loves to cook, much more than me. I always tend to make the same recipes but he loves to try new things. Your gadget looks very handy.

    1. I wish Bob cooked - you are fortunate to have an innovative live-in chef who loves the kitchen Loree!

  2. How frustrating, Mary, to have your rosebuds eaten by the deer. Deer have long memories, too. I purchased bird netting for this eventuality. It rather defeats the purpose of enjoying the beauty of the roses, but if I can’t enjoy them neither will they. Deer in town frustrate me to no end. It means, to me, that the herd has become much too large.

    1. I may consider netting if this continues Vee. My Peace roses are usually so lovely - I hope more buds form. So much land around us being cleared now - building going on non-stop, poor animals have nowhere to go.

  3. I keep thinking about this kitchen gadget, but like you "where do I put it"!!! I might break down soon.

    1. I think you would like this one Marilyn - after re-watching the video I am up for trying more veggies, especially the cauliflower and cabbage!

  4. Sorry that the naughty deer are eating your roses! Wonder if there's some kind of natural deer repellent that you could spray? (That wouldn't harm the deer nor the roses.)

    I've been saying for years, no more kitchen gadgets here either! Everyone is on that Instant Pot rage and I have no desire for one. We do have a basement for storage, but I already have the Crockpot, bread maker (which I haven't used in years - I suppose I should get rid of it), air popcorn maker, and food processor down there, as well as two big cake plates, extra serving dishes, etc. We rarely eat pasta, so I have no need or want for a spiralizer. I did buy a package of spiralized butternut squash from Trader Joe's last week and it was delicious. Fresh and not mushy at all. I simply sauteed it in a little olive oil with salt, pepper and garlic.

    1. I'm using a spray for the deer now - hoping they will find another 'restaurant'. Mine is off limits!!!!

  5. I've never tried "zoodles" but I really like the idea! Not because of cutting carbs - proper pasta is still unbeatable, in my opinion - but because I simply love vegetables in all shapes and sizes.
    As for kitchen gadgets, I cook so rarely that it would be daft to buy any gadgets; the only ones I have are my coffee machine (for pads), which is frequently used, and the hand mixer for doughs or whipping up cream. I have the space but don't want to clutter up my kitchen with things I never use.
    I love the roses combined with rosemary! (It IS rosemary in the vase, isn't it?)

  6. Sorry about those pesky deer! We have a spiralizer and I really like it.

  7. Yes, 'real pasta' is good and now and then I do of course cook it - our favorite is penne with a gorgonzola and garlic sauce - easy to make and only one bowl required!
    That rosemary is from my garden - I have a huge bush which I have to prune back often.

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