Sunday, April 14, 2019

Green, green grass of home . . . .

You just can't have it all!
You want green grass, you have to embrace rain.
I understand because I grew up in mostly soft falling English rain and
 our grass was always green!

A costly built-in sprinkler system helps, standing for hours with a 
hand held version helps somewhat.
But the real thing is always the best for the garden.
RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. . . . . . . . falling from ominous grey clouds and dark skies, 
and how we are getting it here in the southeast US this unusual spring. 
We are already 3 inches above normal rainfall this month and today, starting
 mid-afternoon and continuing through the evening/night hours, we could be
 caught yet again in a severe weather pattern of thunderstorms and more heavy rain.

The fig tree leaves are really opening now - I swear I can see them unfurling
if I stare hard enough!

A handsome male House finch sheltering from the rain on the front porch -
look at those long claws!

The rain is helping wash away a lot of the pollen which is good.

The Japanese maple,  Acer palmatum var.dissectum'Viridis'
is looking fabulous.  My efforts of a light pruning on some branches
in late winter, seem to have helped. 
This was another tree from an 18 inch pot planted some years ago
which has done really well. Of course I am a 'tree whisperer' of sorts, always
talking to them each season and feeding them well!
However, they are still hell bent in draping their loveliness over the grass - making
 the 'mower man' quite upset. He reseeded last fall and new grass has come
in where it was rather bare under the tree. Perhaps with warmer days and
 sunshine those lower branches will lift a bit and the new grass will be safe!

Sorry, I sound like a broken record going on about so much rain.
 We are now promised bright sunshine for Monday and Tuesday,
  Perhaps we can enjoy Easter without rain boots. 
My sandals are at the ready!


  1. Yes, but how was the play? ☀️Hope that you get some sun soon, though the garden is really looking terrific! Balance...all living things need it.

    1. Vee, the play was hilarious! Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were played by women and they were very good. The three other actors - one woman and two men were all awesome. Between them they played 40 different characters - so many quick costume changes, wigs, accents, props etc. it was just fabulous! This is our local Raleigh Little Theatre - community theatre - and we've been season ticket holders for over 30 years!

  2. The rain is really making everything green! I totally understand the complaints about rain here in NC Mary. I just created a post scheduled for tomorrow about the rain and the green! Great minds think alike. xo

    1. Bit concerned for here tonight - I really am scared of stormy weather and big trees!
      Stay safe - will look for you tomorrow Penny dear.

  3. I talk to my trees, and other plants also. I'm sure they respond!

  4. I think it has been an unusual w inter everywhere. It is still quite cool here which is unusual at this time of year.

  5. Everything is looking lovely in your garden, Mary, thanks to the rain and hopefully you'll have more sunshine this week. The house finch is so pretty; we have them here, too. Your fig tree is much further along than ours. I always enjoy watching the leaves unfurl and think they look like butterflies when opening. Have a wonderful week!

  6. It looks so beautiful at your home, Mary. We welcome rain as it has taken all our snow away. :-) Every bit.
    But with the rain here we get lots of mud until all our landscaping is done. Good with the bad.
    I am seeing more finches here now and robins and red-winged black birds. I hope to get out to photograph a few if the rain stops. lol

  7. Wow! Those are beautiful fig and Japanese maple trees. I remember as a kid wanting to climb a fig tree like yours, but the leaves were too itchy. Your green is beautiful! And glad the pollen got washed away. Hoping you can put the sandals on soon.

  8. So far this spring, there has been some rain; not much, but at least some, making gardens and fields grow and look nice. It was very nippy all weekend but has warmed up considerably today - I was able to walk into town this afternoon without a coat, just wearing a padded gilet-type of thing.


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