Saturday, April 20, 2019

Country Home. . . . . . . . . .

On Thursday, a sunny afternoon trip south of the city took us through green
 and gold farmland. Once off the highway, weaving our way through small towns
 and communities, we noted agriculture was obviously the main way of life. 
Fields had been tilled ready for crop planting, trees were almost fully leafed out
 green and gorgeous.

This country farmhouse, old and in need of perhaps a little sprucing up, stood
 surrounded by huge trees. I asked Bob to turn the car around so I could go back
 to take these few photos with my phone. We talked of how we'd love to know
 the history of the farm, its inhabitants, was it still in the same family, will they
 plant a usual North Carolina crop this year, corn, soybeans, cotton, even tobacco.
 I can imagine the perfect sunflower field here. . . . . . . waking early on summer 
mornings to see a field of tall golden 'faces' turned toward the rising sun.

Yesterday the weather was the exact opposite of the lovely day in the country. . . . . we
 were under a tornado watch almost the entire day whilst having more storms with
 strong wind gusts and heavy rain. Thankfully our area was not too bad, but not far off 
property was damaged and many people have lost power. 


  1. The house is beautiful, and I imagine it filled with a large family and giving off a very "home" feel to anyone who enters. It does look in need of some TLC, though; is it empty at the moment? Hard to tell from your pictures, but you'd probably not have parked up there and taken photos if there had been anyone about.

    1. It appeared to be lived in Meike, the grounds were well kept and, despite the need for what I'm sure would be a huge expense to renovate the exterior, it was very neat with no junk piled anywhere. I'd love to know more about it.
      Mary -

  2. What a wonderful old farmhouse! We had terrible weather yesterday as well.

    1. Penny, know you would understand how costly it would be to rehab this one!

  3. That home must have been something in its glory days. It needs some serious attention now. A drive in the country is lovely. You may need another soon after the wild day you had. Tornado weather in the South can be pretty rugged.

    1. Ah yes, the 'glory days' Vee - hoping they will return some time in the near future!

  4. I love these images, they remind me of childhood in rural southern Illinois. My oldest son is moving to Raleigh within the coming three - six months. Work related. I am looking forward to visiting him and exploring the area. Enjoy your weekend, Mary.

  5. Wow, that house is a beauty! Wouldn't you just love to snatch it up and have it re-done? :-)

  6. I love finding these nuggets of history, old homes and farms off the beaten track. This is a good one.


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