Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Preparations for Easter. . . . . . . .

Just a peek at what's on my table for Easter.  
Shopping for a few items at Trader Joe's yesterday, I just couldn't resist a bunch
of purple iris and another of heavenly scented white stocks - two of my favorites,
and for under $9.00. Oh the fragrance, gorgeous.
Tucked in just two stems of hydrangea leaves, and a sprig of going-to-seed
 Italian parsley, for some bright green.

We're working in the garden today, just unbelievable to see how many plants 
have changed in the past couple of days following the heavy rains. Today is 
mostly clean up from the storms. 
Bob just passed the window with a ladder and the blower so must dash now!
More photos to come soon!


  1. There is so much yard work that I did what I could and came in for today. I might go out and clear out the winter boughs. Yes, I should!

    Wonderful to have a partner in yard work! Happy cleaning up. The bouquet is beautiful! (Hope that you get to go out for supper after a day of being outside.)

  2. No dining out - made a healthy 'green soup' and black bean chili. Along with a small cheese quesadilla, we'll have a feast! Restaurant meals no longer excite me that much - and the prices have become ridiculous around here! I like using my own ingredients and try to make healthy meals which often one doesn't get in restaurants. Even our once favorite Mexican place for many, many years disappointed us last visit a few weeks back - we left most of the lousy meal behind and will probably not return!

    Take care working in the garden Vee.
    Mary x

  3. A perfect Easter arrangement Mary. How lovely to have the purple Iris in bloom. I have been seeking some purple, but petunias were the best I could find. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. My Sis-in-law sent me lovely scented stocks last week for my birthday

  5. Your bouquet is beautiful. I goofed off the last couple of days, having lunch out with Penny on Tuesday in Asheville and lunch with a high school friend in Greenville SC yesterday. Today I am heading outside to plant.

  6. What a beautiful bouquet, Mary. I love scented stock. Yesterday evening the light was lovely and I went out into the garden after dinner and did a little weeding and digging. Rain fell in the night and everything is fresh and green with spring flowers popping up all over. Today I'm at work, but I hope to spend some time in the garden this weekend in between Easter celebrations.

  7. Wonderful flowers - I can almost smell them from your picture!
    It is Good Friday and a public holiday in Germany, and very nice weather. I'll only travel to O.K.'s tomorrow, so today I have time to spend with my family. My sister and I will put our Dad in my sister's car and drive to the allotment, where I have not been since last summer. My Dad's health has not allowed him to work there since last summer, either, so we expect quite a mess...


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