Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Sunday in the Garden. . . . . . .

 It's Springtime and North Carolina's azaleas are in full bloom. 
Everywhere, from suburban gardens and vintage back yards, to formal parks
 and rural trails through woods and forests, this native plant blooms in gorgeous
 colors from pure white to deep purple, and all shades of pink, orange and
 red imaginable. Azaleas add Southern charm in the high western mountains
 and the eastern Atlantic coast. . . . . .and all points in between. 

The many days of rain recently have certainly brought the fig tree along quickly
 and we are now seeing quite of lot of fruits tucked into those beautiful
hand-shaped leaves. I love this now huge tree so much - often feel like
 kicking myself into believing I've grown it from a tiny potted plant.
Much tree 'whispering' went on here over the years!

Took these two photos of the tree from front porch yesterday early morning. 
Severe storms had passed, everything still sodden but thankfully no major damage here.  
We always move our cars back down the driveway away from the huge oaks in
 the back garden when winds are high!

Hoping your Easter is full of blessings and special moments.


  1. Beautiful,flowers, and I love those eggs! I am glad there was no major damage in your garden or immediate neighbourhood. Happy Easter!

  2. Always a delight to see your garden, Mary. The azaleas are a magnificent colour, and I do like looking at your bird feeders and houses, not to mention the pretty bird bath. Wishing you Easter blessings, and a beautiful Easter Sunday. xx

  3. What is the name of the fig you have? I have one but it doesn't get many figs.

    1. This is a Celeste Judy - does really well in this area. We also had a Brown Turkey but it had few figs over the years and was getting unruly and untidy so we removed it! We get pounds of figs from this tree.
      Mary -

  4. Such a pretty garden...but where are your weeds?? It's all so pristine!

  5. Everything looks so beautiful, Mary. I hope you had a lovely Easter. We actually sat outside most of the time yesterday, too! Can you believe it was sunny and around 80 degrees here? :-)

  6. Your garden is gorgeous! Amazing to see figs already forming. Our fig tree is just beginning to sprout a few touches of green leaves.


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