Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Goldfinches. . . . .

American Goldfinch : Carduelis tristis

This brilliant yellow pair - male on left, female right - arrived at the front porch
for some nibbling. 
 I purchased the small thistle seed feeder on a whim at the hardware store
and hung it out on Saturday. It came with a 3-lb bag of tiny black seed which
 alone is costly, but this entire deal was just $8.00.
 Many call it thistle seed however Nyjer is the seed of the African yellow daisy
 and is not related to thistle plants. Goldfinches love both Nyjer and thistle seeds,
 often using the wild thistle's silky down to construct their nests in late summer.

 It was a lovely surprise to catch the pair on the
 feeder Sunday morning right outside the dining room window.

A perky, obviously bright yellow bird at this time of year, the male being
 more colorful than the female, both become much duller in the winter months.
  They are partial migrators, flocks of up to 20 move around North America and
 most often are found in open fields, scrubby areas, and woodland.

Any new birds visiting your garden or patio?  
This spring I've been really lucky catching such beautiful bright-colored birds
 choosing to stop by the garden. 
Thoughts of moving are now definitely on the back burner. . . . . . at least
for the time being!


  1. Our goldfinches ignore niger seed and munch on Sunflower hearts!

  2. We can't put feeders up because of the bear around here. They love bird seed and will destroy any feeder. I love your new feeder with the yellow top and bottom. Perfect pairing for the goldfinch!

  3. Wonderful color on the feeder...great bargain! Finches are so beautiful and I have seen a pair in my yard in the past few days.

  4. You have got a good way of communication with nature! Your bird photos are really dazzling.

  5. Your gold finch are just beautiful. Love the feeder too. Now wondering if that feeder would work in our yard.


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